Clubessential Point of Sale Season Opening Guide.

We know you want to get off to a great start this season at your private club.  We also know your time is precious, and every step and click counts.  Start now, to ensure you are ready and get the most out of your Clubessential Point of Sale application.

Ensure your Clubessential Equipment is Ready to Go

Avoid waiting for your first Member to place their first order to ensure your equipment is working and ready to go.  Fire all systems up at least a week prior to opening day to ensure systems, printers, card readers, keyboards, touch screens and any other peripheral devices are working.  Perform test transactions to ensure tickets are firing to proper printers, and all is working as expected. Doing this in advance will give you time to order a replacement or make tweaks if needed.  Also, ensure supplies such as printer paper, pens, and employee cards (if applicable) are ready to go, and staff knows where to locate the extras.


POS System Review - Top 10 Time Savers

Prior to opening, review the setup of your system.  Is it designed to support efficient order entry? Have new Items and Pricing been updated?  Consider these questions and more as you prepare for your best season yet.

  1. Ensure your Quick Ticket feature is enabled. For Members stopping by for a quick snack or something to go, use this feature to skip a few clicks when initiating an order and get your Member(s) on their way even faster.
  2. Speed up your order entry process for Members dining together but paying separately. Use the Add Ticket feature when entering the order rather than the reactive ticket splitting functionality to simplify the process.
  3. Implement a Bin system for your Wine, and use the Get by Bin feature to simplify ordering and entry of your decadent wine selection.
  4. Freshen up your Quick Access Category Tabs to assist with easy Item selection from your POS screen.
  5. Establish Quick Text (Reason) Buttons for frequently used options when sending notes to kitchen, applying discounts, and/or issuing voids to save Staff time from having to manually enter the same note over again.
  6. Use the Member Favorites feature for easy re-ordering. And, simplify the entry process for the Member who likes to order the same item, the same way, every time using the Save Pref (Save Preferences) feature. Make Sam Jones’s every Tuesday Lunch order - Burger, Medium Rare, Extra Mayonnaise, Double Pickle, Lettuce, Tomato, Double Onion, hold the bun, with an extra side of well done fries easy to replicate in just one touch.
  7. Establish Quick Settlement Buttons (Quick Charge - Quick Cash (if applicable)) to save a few clicks during the check-out process, and bypass the Close Ticket screen.
  8. Ensure your screen is designed for optimum Order entry. Include main Categories as well as Popular Items, and a General Modifiers Group on the main screen. Review Screen Setup Basics here.
  9. Bring on Happy Hour! Set up Price Schedules to help automate discounts without causing extra work for your staff.
  10. Ensure your Terminal settings are optimal. Want to exit out after every order? Easy. Prefer to leave the POS open making multiple ticket entry easier? No problem.

Not sure how to do any of the above?  Watch this awesome webinar for a refresher on all of these time savers.


Clubessential Basic Training

Need more basic training?  If you are new to the Point of Sale application, ensure to watch this Dining F&B POS 101 session provided by our Implementation Specialist, Carlie Smith to learn the basics.  Also refer to our POS Manuals (RetailF&B) for more info.


Set Up a Self Serve Kiosk

Ready to up your game?  Many clubs are recognizing the value of providing convenience as a solution to meet the ever-evolving needs of their Membership base.  Why not set up a self-serve snack shack that would allow Member snacking options outside (or even during) normal Dining hours, without the need for additional headcount?  Why not facilitate ease of check-in at the pool or fitness center with this easy to use application? Today, Members see thoughtful convenience as another whole level of exceptional service.  See this product in action by viewing Jason House’s (SVP of Research and Development) informational session.  Already have a kiosk, but need a refresher on configuration options or other info?  Click here to view our knowledge base articles pertaining to this topic.


The Future of Dining is Here

While traditional dining definitely still has its place at the Club, options focused on personalized convenience are no longer a nice-to-have, but a requirement in today’s world.  Would you like to be able to take orders from the pool, or from a Food/Beverage Cart? #MobilePOS  Would your Members be interested in ordering food from their Mobile devices?  #MobileOrdering

However you define it, however you design it, make it an awesome year!