country club mobile app notification

Deliver timely and relevant communications

Our Mobile App uses “Beacons” to trigger the sending of push notifications to members based on their location on property — personalizing their experience and generating more club revenue. For example, you can use beacon-powered push notifications to prompt members to order food at the turn on the golf course, or post their score to GHIN following a round of 18.

country club mobile app single sign on

Make them login only one time, with Single Sign On

Members log in one time with your unique club ID and the same username and password they use to log into your Clubessential website, and they never have to log in to the app again. This may seem like a small thing, but you’ll quickly find out that members LOVE this aspect of the app.

update your website and mobile app in one area

Update your website to update the app

The app integrates seamlessly into the entire Clubessential suite of products (e.g. website, CRM, Accounting & POS, etc) which not only enables for the real-time sharing of data but also means you only have to update your website and the app will automatically reflect the changes.


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