The Next Generation of Mobile Is Now 

Your members already book flights, post to social media, send money, and much more from mobile apps. It’s what they expect – and that genie isn’t going back into the bottle. Give them the same intuitive experience and high level of convenience they’re used to when they interact with your club. From tee-times to reservations, mobile ordering and online payments, it’s all integrated and connected through the Clubessential Mobile App.


See the Mobile App in Action

Foster Engagement with the Community Feed 

Drive interaction and community within the Next Gen Mobile App with Clubessential's Community Feed!

This interactive message board allows staff to post images and links to upcoming events and club news, while members can post messages and pictures, look for playing partners for club activities, ask the community for recommendations, and comment on other members’ posts. Full management permissions, reporting, push notification alerts, and deletion capabilities ensure ease of monitoring across the feed.

Deliver Timely and Relevant Communications


Right time, right place—now you can send relevant push notifications to members based on their location on property—personalizing their experience and generating more club revenue. For example, send a push notification prompting members to order food at the turn on the golf course, or post their score to GHIN after their round.

Simple One-time, Log-in

Members log in one time with the same username and password they use to log into your Clubessential website! Now they’re connected and never have to log in to the app again. You can even use biometric logins to ensure safety and appropriate access where desired, enhancing security but eliminating the hassle of passwords.

Your Members’ New Personal Favorite

Your club mobile app will quickly become the members’ preferred way to connect with your club. Thanks to a Quick Action bar and the ability to create “favorites” for the specific areas of the club they use the most it will make every interaction with your club second nature. And because your members’ mobile device is your connection to their activity, you’ll collect real insights to serve them better.

One Source of Information

The app integrates seamlessly into the entire Clubessential suite of products (e.g. website, CRM, Accounting & POS, etc) which not only enables real-time sharing of data but also means when you update your website, the app will automatically reflect the changes.

Secure, Convenient Messaging - Your Team, Your Members, One App

Two-way, in-app messaging has arrived to increase socialization and personalization, removing needless barriers between you and your members. Message members when their custom clubs have arrived, or give inquisitive members direct access to your events coordinator. Members can message the front desk or valet, and vice versa! Which staff can be messaged by members is entirely up to you, allowing you to funnel the most important questions directly to their desired audience. Learn more about how to enable this new app feature today!



Learn about the Capabilities of the Next Gen App in Detail

Our Next Generation leaders view mobile as their primary digital tool for member engagement. Discover what’s next in mobile.


See how new mobile capabilities are fundamentally changing how clubs operate, empowering staff and enabling the front of the house to thrive:




Learn More About Mobile Ordering


Discover What a Mobile-first Strategy Could Mean for Your Club


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