Proactively manage and respond to the
individual behavior of your members.

Clubessential’s Member Analytics Predictor (MAP) solution is the club industry’s first predictive analytics tool. MAP allows you to set variables and determine what constitutes an engaged member at your club. The Clubessential MAP module aggregates all the data already in your system and models that information (based on your variables) to identify who is engaged and predict who is at risk. With the click of a button you have access to individual member trend analysis and reports on who has fallen below the engagement threshold. Use this information to create re-engagement strategies for at-risk members or to identify your best advocates for recruiting new prospects. The Clubessential MAP solution allows you to recruit, engage, and retain #members4life.

How it Works

The MAP Module is built into Clubessential Office and follows a simple process.

Select a time period to view, such as 12 months or 24 months.
Pick scoring criteria including money spent, reservations, and check-ins.
Include MAP as a category for building Office Groups for hyper-targeted marketing.
View reports such as:
  • MAP Interactive Report – see member engagement at a glance.
  • MAP Member vs Average Profile – compare specific member behavior to an average.
Recalculate the MAP score with weighting criteria critical to your club.
Stay connected and engaged with #members4life.
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