Simplify the member recruiting process.

Courting and closing prospective members involves a lot of moving parts and next steps that can easily slip through the cracks if you’re not keeping a close eye on them, causing a good prospect to get away. That’s why we’ve built our CRM with workflow automation in mind, so that it’s smart enough to guide you through your pipeline enabling you to focus on the right prospects at the right time. We’ve packed our CRM with features that will help you prioritize and automate your daily member recruitment activities, ensuring you don’t drop the ball on the next steps needed to close the deals.

Additional key CRM features include
  • Web Form to Lead Automation
  • Automated Lead Prioritization
  • Automated Task Management

The support of a CRM to rein everything in has helped me better train and lead the team around me. I’m able to feel confident and empowered while contributing to the bottom line for my organization.

Laura McCarthy, Dataw Island

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