Mobile First Strategy

You’ve probably heard the phrase, and you may have even received requests from your board or other stakeholders to think about the role of mobile at your club. Originally, a mobile first strategy meant that a company's web presence was designed for mobile devices first and desktop second. Now at Clubessential, we're moving mobile strategies beyond the interface with the user to include and integrate mobile interactions with all the operations at your club, from F&B orders to payments to member engagement. 


Streamline Member Service and Club Operations


Clubessential’s new Mobile Point of Sale (POS) solution (seen above) moves your servers away from a terminal and into interactions with members, improving the speed and accuracy of orders, and the member experience. Consider the impact of these advantages at your club.

Effortless Ordering - Members can browse menus in open locations, from various restaurants at your club right from the Clubessential Mobile App. Each menu item can be customized so that your members can order food exactly how they like it. 

Order In or Delivery - Depending on your services, your members can either order for pick-up at the club, or delivery at the club. Allow members to take control of their dining experience by bringing dining outside of the club restaurant.

Central Management - There’s no need to update your menu on the App with a seamless integration with your Clubessential Office system and club app. Build your menus in Office using your existing Point of Sale items and modifiers. Menus will appear seamlessly in your club’s app for your members to view and order. Member orders placed via Mobile Ordering on the app will directly flow to the kitchen/bar and fire tickets automatically.

Drive More F&B Sales - Drive higher F&B Sales by offering easier, and faster options for dining at your club. More touch points for your members,  equals more touch points for your club. Mobile pre-ordering is expected to be a 38 billion dollar industry by 2020 - are you ready?



Conversations with Club Leaders

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