Drive Convenience for Members, Revenue for Your Club 

Mobile ordering allows members to quickly and conveniently place food orders from your club’s mobile app for pick-up, curbside, or delivery at specified locations. Clubessential’s Mobile Ordering improves the speed and accuracy of orders and enables you to lift and deliver a great member experience no matter what.

See how clubs have been able to increase their revenue by 10 times.

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Clubessential Mobile Ordering Advantages

Effortless Ordering
Members can browse menus across all of your restaurants, on and off club grounds, right from the Clubessential Mobile App. Members can customize their favorite menu items and send it directly to the kitchen so their order is exactly how they like it.

Order In or Delivery Options
Allow members to take control of their dining experience by bringing dining outside of the club restaurant, with both pick-up and delivery options. Enable tipping at time of ordering for a truly contactless settlement experience, or grab vehicle information via custom message on checkout to allow for seamless curbside pickups.

Same Day and Future Orders
Easily configure menus for immediate or future-dated ordering, allowing for the flawless execution of both traditional and catering style Mobile Orders. Allow your members to bring the club experience home for a Mother's Day Brunch or special events.

Central Management
Set your staff up for success & optimize kitchen efficiencies with automated prep ticket printing, minimum prep hours, flexible ordering time slots, and max orders per time frame. Update your menu on the app with seamless integration with your Clubessential Office system and Club app. Build your menus in Office using your existing Point of Sale items and modifiers and they automatically appear in your Club’s app for members to view and order

Personalized Experiences
Follow up the order with friendly messages after the order to build member connections. Adding their favorites or frequently ordered menu items to their records further personalizes the experience.

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It was one of the biggest trends before, now it's many clubs' strongest connection to members. Discover different ways clubs are tackling one of the biggest challenges they face today.

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