Key Statements & Payments features include
  • Multiple Time-range Statement Views
  • Contactless Credit Card Readers
  • Cloud Hosted in a PCI-compliant environment
  • View CHIT Details and Print Past Tickets
  • Quick View of Account Balances
  • Responsive Design
  • Integrated Accounting Reconciliation
  • Credit Book and Gift Card
  • Printer-friendly Statements

Electronic payments give members a touchless way to view and pay their monthly dues online — and much more!

Now you can reduce the monthly hassle of mailing out member statements and collecting payments through paper checks. And you can enhance the user experience throughout the club by accepting electronic and touchless payments everywhere from the proshop to the barcart.

Introducing CE Payments. Your new one-stop shop for payment processing and support.

Clubessential is excited to announce that we are now a payment processor, meaning you now have one trusted partner to handle all of your club’s payment needs from start to finish. Key features include: One service and support partner, Possibility of next business day funding for most clubs, Consolidated settlement reporting, and Simplified reconciliation process.

The benefits of modern payments are widespread and comprehensive, permeating the entire club. Check out this infographic to see how, from faster funding to increased security. Or watch this webinar to discover how CE Payments can streamline operations for you and enhance the experience for your members. 


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