Learn to block dining times at your private club this holiday season.

Winter is upon us, and with it, so are the Holidays. For many, the Holiday season is a family-oriented time of year. Some private clubs close down their dining rooms, golf courses, and various courts to allow both their staff and members to focus on spending time with family. Others set up Special Event Dining to give families a nice place to meet up for a meal where they don’t have to do the clean-up!

Since the majority of private clubs do something for the holidays, it may feel similar to waiting in a checkout line on Black Friday when waiting to hear back from the support team to set up, or block off, these times for you; but it doesn’t have to be that way. Personally, I prefer Cyber Monday. I can sit at my desk and do all of my shopping right from my computer! So if you’re like me and hate waiting, skip the line and learn how to block off dining times and add special events.

Block off dining times with these 4 easy steps:

  1. Open the Admin Dashboard for any CE Reservations System (Tee Times/Dining/Courts/Spa/etc)
  2. Underneath the Location, Date, and Report Selectors is a link called “Manage Blocked Out Times” (Click on it!)
  3. Set up a Block Title (if you prefer), ensure that the Admin Only (or Proshop Only) template is selected, and set up your first and last time that you want blocked. If you clicked the link from the date you want blocked, the Start Date will already be correct. If you clicked from the “current date” you will want to change the date to be the day you are blocking
  4. If you want the block to cover all dining rooms/courts/holes/providers/etc., just hit “Add Blocked Time” at the bottom and you’re done! If you want it to be room/court/hole/provider specific, you have one more step. Check the box next to “Select Specific Dining Room/Court/Provider/Hole/etc.” and a new box will appear with your options. Check off the areas you want the block to apply, then simply click “Add Blocked Time”.
  5. That’s all it takes to block off online dining reservations in the Clubessential Reservations systems. If you would like to set up a Special Event, you can easily do that in a few short steps. Here are some quick links to Tee Times Special Events and Dining Special Events to get started. Check out our Client Education Resource Center for more training information!