Tis’ the Season to Prepare for the Holiday Season

While I know we’re all anxious to dive into the holidays, ring in the New Year, and bury 2020 in the far recesses of our minds, there are some very important actions to plan for. From Thanksgiving, to Hannakua, to Christmas, to the end of the fiscal year, there are essential tasks that you can plan for now in order to better serve your members, while also allowing your staff to spend precious time with their own families. Below are 3 checklists you can use to prepare your front of house experience, your digital house experience, and your back of house experience.


Front of House Experience Checklist

As you plan for increased member activity at the club during the holidays, think through how you can add extra space to minimize contact, streamline operations, and virtually shrink that personal distance.

- Adjust the capacity, spacing of tables, the proximity of members and staff, and hours available to accommodate for safe holiday get-togethers.
- Make use of the available outdoor space for larger, but socially spaced, holiday parties to increase capacity while following distancing mandates.
- Start promoting reservation availability now, and build reservations with time in between use for sanitizing.
- Create a digital hostess with mobile POS and kiosk stations to streamline holiday dining check-in, minimize crowds, and prevent groups from gathering. 
- Utilize touchless payment devices in the dining room to minimize friction and increase safety for your staff and guests.


Digital House Experience Checklist

As we’ve all discovered in the last 6 months, the modern club experience doesn’t start or end at the gate. Discover how to engage your members away from the club during the holiday season.

- Leverage your club’s mobile app to send push notifications about pre-ordering special holiday dinners.
- Simplify mobile orders through your club’s app and sent directly to the kitchen, ensuring accuracy and streamlining fulfillment of the orders.
- Update your holiday menu to make navigation easy for your members and easier for your staff to keep up to date. Pair that simpler menu with more frequent seasonal changes to keep members interested and returning to see what's next from your kitchen.
- Schedule pick-up times and be accurate to optimize the taste and appearance of the food and minimize the members’ exposure to others. 
- Offer contactless pickup and establish an attractive and orderly area, clearly identified, for them to locate and pickup their order. Communicate those directions when they place the order.
- Personalize the experience by following up with messages after the order is placed, picked up, and a reasonable time afterward.
- Add your members’ favorite or frequently ordered menu items to their records to personalize the experience beyond the holiday season. 


Back of House Checklist

There’s no better time to start planning for the new year than right now.  So, before another day goes by, consider the following year-end accounting checklist to help you prepare for the new year, and successfully close out the old one.

- Create future accounting periods and open them to allow transactions to flow through.
- Run the year-end reports to post earnings to retained earnings accounts once year-end entries and all postings are complete. 
- Close your year by closing the final period.
- Prepare supporting reports and documentation for the auditors.
- Prep your A/P System and Vendors for 1099 Generation.
- Edit invoices already paid to be included in 1099 generation.
- Finalize your budget for the new year and utilize reports such as the Accounting General Ledger.
- Develop and share your budget report with your managers so they can help create the forecast for 2021.   
- Set up new billing schedules where needed utilizing the deferred dues billing.


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