Without a doubt, we have entered unprecedented times for our society. And while the situation is still changing as we write this, one thing we know is that the technology tools we have available better equip us to deal with events at hand than ever before.

That’s not to suggest that it’s normal, expected, or to trivialize the matter in any way. But the fact is that there are things we can do today without putting anyone at risk that wouldn’t have been possible less than a decade ago. 

Communication is Paramount

While we have talked about and believe that we are entering the “experience age,” what that ultimately amounts to in many ways is communication. We know that clubs need to communicate with members more than ever, especially now, and to keep those connections and members engaged. To assist you through these unexpected events, we have created a resource page and outlined tools to help you continue to engage with your members. It will be continuously updated with the latest information and resources that we have available for a variety of things. 


Thinking Outside of the Room and the Box

While there are many limits on what we can and can’t do, there aren’t any limits on the creative way you can engage your members. As long as you are bringing value, you’re never a nuisance, is the approach that we find to be true. Think of different ways that you can be of value to your members and staff. Here are a few we’ve witnessed:

- One of the first that jumped to everyone's mind is mobile ordering.

- Some clubs are offering parts of their inventory as a market or grocery store to their members for items that are sold out locally.

- Others are finding creative ways to take care of their staff and associates.

- Clubs that are still open have been able to implement restrictions around reservation times and availability.


What are you Doing?

Do you have a great and unique way that you are bringing value to your members during these trying times? Share them via our social channels or via [email protected] and let your peers know!