Optimized member carryout experience. It might seem like an oxymoron. For years the goal has been to get members to the club and keep them there as long as possible to maximize their engagement.

Not too long ago, members’ desire for carryout started to spread through clubs. Now we’re suggesting they order by phone and never physically interact with any of your staff. As of right now and in upcoming months, it might be the safest option for everyone involved. Here are some best practices to set up and optimize your member carryout or takeaway dining experience. 

Simplify Mobile Orders

With the advent of Doordash, UberEats, and others, many people are used to ordering with their smartphone. Offering the same low-friction experience is expected by members and next to necessary now. These mobile orders can be sent directly to the kitchen, ensuring accuracy and streamlining fulfillment of the orders.

Update Your Menu

During the NCA's March 15th COVID-19 webinar, they recommended that clubs "Simplify or limit food service." Simplifying your online menu makes navigation easy for your members and easier for your staff to keep up to date. But if you don’t already, pair that simpler menu with more frequent changes to keep members interested and returning to see what's next from your kitchen.

Schedule Pick Up Times - and Be Accurate

A big attraction to carryout orders initially was the convenience. Now in addition to that will be minimizing the time members are outside of their homes. Creating and communicating an accurate pick-up time is critical, both to optimize the taste and appearance of the food and minimize the members’ exposure to others. 

Contact-Less Pickup

Because the entire order process can be completed on the mobile device there can be literally no need for any human contact. But the members need to get their food easily – you don’t want them wandering back into the kitchen trying to find their order for a number of reasons. Establish an attractive and orderly area, clearly identified, for them to locate and pickup their order. Communicate those directions when they place the order.

Personalize the Experience

Just because you didn’t see them when they picked up their items doesn’t mean you can’t personalize the experience. Following up with messages after the order is placed, picked up, and a reasonable time afterward goes a long way towards putting your club’s personal stamp on the experience. Adding their favorite or frequently ordered menu items to their records is great for them and can help you personalize the experience later when things return to normal and members are back at the club. 

To learn more mobile ordering and/or quickly get this implemented at your club, please reach out to [email protected].


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