Over 17 years of dedication to the private club industry


Clubessential got its start as NetCaddy.com, a provider of online tee times and club websites.


In August of 2014, we had 72 team members. As of August 2015, we're up to 132, and we're looking for more talented individuals to join our team.


Offices in Cincinnati, Austin, Raleigh, Kansas City, Boston


Our Unified Suite powers the technology of over 1,300 private clubs worldwide


Clubessential's mission is to build an enthusiastic network of club, resort and community clients and then partner with them by collecting and implementing their innovative suggestions. Together we will create cost-effective online marketing, transaction and communications solutions that lead the industry in creativity, technology, service and results.



Innovation is the cornerstone of our success. We recognize that great new ideas can be suggested by any of our clients or team members and we always provide credit where due. We design our systems, processes and organization with the expectation that we will implement many new innovations. We resolve to be unafraid of change and to always lead our industry into the future.

White Glove Support

Enthusiastic customers are essential to our business – we resolve to never lose a customer from lack of attention or effort. We dedicate ourselves to satisfying customer needs and honoring our commitments.

Passion for Results

We show pride, enthusiasm and dedication in everything that we do. We are committed to provide excellent products and services, but beyond that to ensure that our clients are successful and that they are enthusiastic about their experience with Clubessential.

Alignment & Accountability

We understand that we are part of a team and that we must align our personal actions with the team mission. At the same time we accept responsibility for our personal actions.


We value our relationships with fellow team members. We support each other’s efforts and care for each other both personally and professionally.


We act with honesty and integrity, not compromising the truth.


Dr. William Ivers, Sr


Dr. Ivers has more than 30 years of experience in the software industry and founded several companies, one of which became an Inc. 500 software marketing firm. He also founded and is now a partner in Venture Builders, a management consulting firm. Dr. Ivers is a national speaker for the Professional Club Marketing Association and a frequent contributor to Boardroom magazine writing about best practices in member communications. Ivers earned a bachelor’s degree in Combined Sciences from Yale University, a Ph.D. in Applied Oceanography from the Scripps Institution, and an OPM Business Management degree from Harvard University.

Bill Ivers, Jr


Before joining Clubessential, Mr. Ivers gained seven years of experience as a project manager, system architect and senior developer working on internet technology and digital branding solutions. Mr. Ivers worked at firms including: Hill Holiday, Zentropy Partners, CAP Gemini and Octagon Technology while consulting for a portfolio of clients: Proctor & Gamble, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Genzyme, Cohn & Wolfe, The San Diego Convention Center and North Pacific Corporation. Mr. Ivers graduated from Colgate University with a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy.

Tom Ivers


Early in his career Mr. Ivers developed software for netcaddy.com and also worked for Cadre Computer Resources, Zentropy Partners and Bruno, Mack & Barclay. In the latter job Tom was tasked with sifting information from massive (terabyte size) databases provided in discovery for major lawsuits (e.g., tobacco litigation). This work taught him how to efficiently access huge databases and how to build systems that scale appropriately as the amount of data and transactions increase enormously. Mr. Ivers received a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematical Business from Wake Forest University’s Calloway School of Business, with special emphasis on business modeling, simulation and process analysis.

Ray McDonald


Ray graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 1988 with a B.A. in Economics. From 1990 until 1994, Ray worked under John McConnell as a regional sales manager for Medic Computer Systems. In 1999, Ray was picked to manage the sales team for A4 HealthSystems. While at A4 Ray helped facilitate the sale of A4 to Allscripts. In 2007, Mr. McDonald joined McConnell Golf as the Vice President of Sales and Marketing and later became the CEO of ClubSoft when McConnell Golf purchased a majority stake in the company. In 2015, Clubessential acquired ClubSoft and Ray was named Executive Vice President of Sales. The combination of managing the membership and marketing of 10 clubs along with working in the software industry for 20 of the last 25 years allows Ray to bring a unique perspective to the challenges of the private club market.


Conner Erwin

Vice President

Rusty Hruby

Vice President

JJ Welte

Regional Sales Manager

Brad Smith

Regional Sales Manager

Rob Brady

Regional Sales Manager

Meghan Jordan

Regional Sales Manager

Doug Pedegana

Regional Sales Manager

Andy Strittmatter

Account Manager

Ashley Cronan

Account Manager

Ben Bruning

Account Manager

Kristen Wenrick

Account Manager

Kelly Coston

Marketing Associate

Laura Ferber

Performance analyst

Lindsey Stella

Performance Analyst

Eli Stephens

marketing associate

Laura Uhrich

Marketing Associate

Laura Tucei

Marketing Associate

Ariana Chinn

Marketing Associate

Paul Hahn

PGA Pro Consultant


Matt Gattiker

Senior Lead Developer Infrastructure; MIS Manager

John Oakley

Senior Lead Developer Interactivity

Jason House

Senior Lead Developer Office Systems

Greg Oakley

Senior Developer

Alex Wells


Todd Maggart

Senior Support Technician

Timm Rodriquez

Junior Developer

John Towers

Associate Developer

Shannon Lottmann

Quality assurance

Jordan Denny


Ryan Hall


David Blair

IT CUstomer Service Specialist

Jeff Hemric

Senior IT Manager

Jake Denny



Adam Cash

Manager of Digital Marketing Agency

Cory Dix

Creative Director

Rich Gustke

Art Director

Will Holman

Senior Designer / Front End developer

Jason Nolfi

Senior Front End Developer Team Leader

David Peery

SenioR Front End Development

Patrick Johns

Senior Front End Developer

Joe Schmidt

Front End Developer

Roger Hodge

Front End Developer

Kevin Wilson

Senior Designer

Brett Valls


Steve Orchosky



Nick Wright

Marketing Manager

Maria Holler

Marketing Manager

David Higgins

Manager of Business INtelligence 

Amy Bagley

Marketing and Education Coordinator

Hannah Clare

Market Research

Reagan Bates

Market Research

Jason Blust

Market Research

Cory Francis

Market Research

Tom Cashman

Education and Retention Marketing Assistant

M3 Services

Rick Coffey

Manager of M3

Alyssa Montgomery

Senior Interactive Marketing Consultant

Zach Larabee

M3 Consultant

Brian Harding

M3 Consultant

Project Management

Carrie Seddon

Director of Production

Christopher Gantzer

Project Manager Team LEad

Brittany Hudson

Project Manager

Cory Deal

Project Manager

Kristen Jones-Wickersham

Project Manager

Alexis Hendy

Associate Project Manager

Emily Latham

Project Manager

Lauren Hicks

associate Project Manager

Patrick Kraft

Project Manager

Stephanie Carr

Reservations Project Manager

Jim Regan

Office Implementation Specialist

Kristian Hristov

Office iMplementation Specialist

Jake Trigg

Reservations PRoject Manager

Fred Prescott

Project Manager COnfiguration Tech

Lee Larimore

Account Consultant

Sharon Skaggs

Account consultant

Erin Hime

Project coordinator

Garrett Smyth

Office Implementation Specialist

Jen Montano

Links and Office Systems Support

David Myers

Office Implementation specialist

Carlie Smith

Office Implementation Specialist

Yasmine Kfoury

Project Management Configuration

Bryn Sakonchick

Office Implementation specialist

Accounting & Administration

Mary Ivers


John Lampros


Douglas Lee

Director of Finance

Jackie Xu


Clayton Steinriede

Accounting Associate

Brenda Nunnally


Mollie Smith

Administrative Assistant


Karen Kaplan

Director of Client Services

Cathy Sanderson

Office System Support Birch Team Lead

Gail Gould

Office Systems Support

Suzanne Powell

Website Content Specialist

Tommy Tilmes

Client Reservations Specialist Team Lead

Jordan Smith

Website Content Speacialist

Heidi Snyder

Website Content Specialist

Kelly Thompson

Client Website Specialist Oak Team LEader

Mac Wood

Client Website Specialist Elm Team

R.J. Hoendorf

Client Website Specialist Elm Team Leader

Jenny Hale

Office System Support

Rodiney Gustke

Client Reservations Specialist

Kelsey Paduano

Client Website Specialist Maple Team

Zackariah Rucker

Client Website Specialist Maple Team

Aaron Hecker

Client Website Specialist Maple Team

Jason Lenczicki

Client Website Specialist Elm Team

Jay Nellis

Client Website Specialist Oak team

Kathryn Baumgartner

Office Systems Support

Abby Kessel

Office Systems Support

Robin Kurlas

Office Systems Support

Thomas Van Hook

Office Systems Support

Dominic DeBellis

Client Website Specialist Elm Team

Thomas Boeing

Client Website Specialist Maple Team

Jonathan Blodgett

Client Website Specialist Oak Team

Jeff Miller

Client Website Specialist Elm Team

Beverly Beck

Office Systems Support

Evan Pineo

Client website Specialist Oak Team

Erik Stanberry

Office Systems Support

Kevin Steffe

Client Reservation Sprecialist

Lindsey Werner

Client Reservations Specialist INtern

Kevin Gowsell

Client Reservations Specialist

Justin Wood

Client Website Specialist Oak team

Aaron Mesh

Market Research

Clubessential has a long-standing history of giving back
to the communities where we work and live.

Dress for Success


Big Brothers Big Sisters


Simpson Cup


Boca West Foundation


This position is responsible for the successful implementation, training, support and management of several concurrent projects. Projects include the implementation of Point of Sale Systems for club based systems in a timely and high quality fashion.

Learn MoreClubessential is an equal opportunity employer

We are looking for a technically sophisticated, personable communicator to join our Client Services Website Support team in Cincinnati, OH. We will be counting on you to ensure Clubessential clients have a positive experience with our product. This is an excellent opportunity for experienced candidates early in their careers.

Learn MoreClubessential is an equal opportunity employer

Clubessential designers are web and interactive designers, conceptors, and artists. They share a talent for transforming great ideas into engaging creative that pushes the boundaries of the digital landscape. You will bring exceptional creative thought and craft output, delivering projects from brief to launch in partnership with Project Management, Technology and wider Creative teams.

Learn MoreClubessential is an equal opportunity employer

Clubessential is currently seeking an outstanding creative individual eager to join our team of talented software developers. The role would include working on the development of scalable iOS and Android apps and their accompanying web services.

Learn MoreClubessential is an equal opportunity employer

This position is responsible for the successful implementation and management of several concurrent projects. Projects include the implementation of Accounting and Point of Sale Systems for club based systems in a timely and high quality fashion. The Implementation Manager will manage the client relationship, ensuring that they and other team members understand and perform their responsibilities, maintain a high level of client satisfaction and continuously assess project risks.

Learn MoreClubessential is an equal opportunity employer

We are looking for a tech savvy professional to join our Marketing Department in Cincinnati, OH to help with market research / data entry initiatives. This position will play a key role in helping our organization to continue its rapid growth in both the private club and resort industries.

Learn MoreClubessential is an equal opportunity employer

This is a full-time junior level sales & marketing person, based in our Austin, Texas office. The Marketing Associate (MA) needs to be financially driven. Must be personable. Must be OK with rejection. Must be competitive and dedicated to hitting goals.

Learn MoreClubessential is an equal opportunity employer

We are looking for a technically sophisticated, personable communicator to join our elite M3 Services/ CRM team in Cincinnati, OH. We will be counting on you to ensure CRM clients have a trusted resource they can rely on for support requests through their CRM contract. The chosen candidate will have a great opportunity to be a critical piece to one of the top products to be released by Clubessential.

Learn MoreClubessential is an equal opportunity employer

Working closely with cross-functional teams of designers, programmers, sales representatives and website implementation consultants, you will lead and manage multiple client projects through each stage of the process involved in designing, slicing, assembling, loading and launching dynamic interactive websites for our clients. As Project Manager, you will manage all aspects and phases of client engagements including kickoff meetings, requirements definition, site mapping, site development and configuration, design review, content publishing, quality testing, site launch.

Learn MoreClubessential is an equal opportunity employer

Clubessential, the leading SAAS provider for high-end private clubs and resorts worldwide, is looking for a Front-End Developer to join our team in Austin. Candidate will be fluent in cutting edge UX techniques and designs. Able to work within a team as well as on individual projects. This calls for a self-motivated, creative, and focused talent.

Learn MoreClubessential is an equal opportunity employer

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