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How You Can Use AI, BI, and Predictive Analytics to Better Understand Your Current Status, Visualize Future Success, and Execute a Winning Strategy for Your Club

In today's world, historical reporting simply isn't enough to ensure you are prepared for the road ahead. Having real-time data, flexible reporting solutions, and predictive insights delivered to you - combined with a playbook of next actions - is key to unlocking and driving success in the future. Join the Clubessential Product team and special guests as we:


    • Uncover the trends and future of data analytics
    • Analyze the ‘Top 5 Plays’ leading clubs utilizing MAP (Clubessential's Membership Analytics Predictor) are running to identify at-risk members, prevent churn, and pinpoint opportunities for growth
    • Reveal a sneak peak of dashboards and experiences of the future, as well as an opportunity to contribute your #1 reporting idea.  

Your Presenters

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Stacy Zak, VP of Product Management

Jason Singer, Associate Product Owner

Rado Tsanev, Club IT, CEO

Ross Liggett, Metolius Golf, Founder