Predictive Analytics: Why They Matter – and How to Make Sense of Them

Let’s explore using AI, BI, and Predictive Analytics at your club

In today’s world, historical reporting simply isn’t enough to ensure you are prepared for the road ahead. Having real-time data, flexible reporting solutions, and predictive insights delivered to you – combined with a playbook of next actions – is key to unlocking and driving success in the future.

Along with this webinar, here are some other resources on the adoption of business and predictive analytics tools at private clubs.

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Predictive Analytics – Clubs’ New View Forward – How clubs can use predictive analytics to make sound business decisions.

5 Communication and Technology Advancements That Support Member Retention – Along with predictive analytics and member insights, here are other ways your club can sustain member retention.

2021 Digital Summit Recording: Trends and Thought Leadership – We held a private club industry summit in January 2021, with multiple sessions on this topic. Did you miss out? Want to see it again? You can gain access to the recordings anytime.

Private Club Maturity Model – We created a complimentary Private Club Maturity Model in order to provide a defined and tangible blueprint to become a Next Generation Leader in the club industry. Download your copy today.