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See How You Can Pace Your Club Forward and Manage a Rotating Cast of Personalities

COVID has created growth for many clubs – now what? How do you as a top leader at the club continue to sustain that momentum and drive long-term growth?  In this webinar, we’ll explore:

– How you can effectively lead your board of directors even when they frequently change
– Impact of the 80/20 rule: Learning from the past and building the future
– Ways to sharpen your focus and strategies for the business challenges ahead

More than 250 of your peers attended the live session – where’s what one attendee had to say:

“This session is excellent. As a 43 year veteran in the private club industry working with boards over the years, I can attest that your comments and suggestions are bang on!” 

Kim Leclercq, CMP
Membership Director
Quilchena Golf and Country Club

About the Presenters

Lynn Mangan
President, Clubessential

Brian Carley
Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Clubessential Holdings