How to: VPN Infrastructure Change

With the upcoming change to our VPN infrastructure, all client-managed VPN appliances will need to update their destination IP for their VPN tunnel back to the Hosted Office environment.

Previously, your systems were configured to point to a static IP at In order to seamlessly migrate the tunnel on the evening of the cutover, you will need to update your endpoint to point to the following FQDN. [] This will allow us to redirect your tunnel from the old IP to the new IP on the night of the migration without needing to make additional changes to your local system.

This change can be made at any time prior to the maintenance period, but if not performed before November 8th, the Club VPN tunnel will no longer be available after the maintenance period until the change is made.

This will result in no access to your Hosted Office systems.

Click for instructions about:


In order to make this change you’ll need to go to the VPN Tunnel set up for the tunnel to the Clubessential hosted environment.

Sonicwall Change Location:

*Please Note your interface may look different*

Navigate to the VPN settings on the left menu bar in your Firewall and open the Clubessential VPN Details.

From there you’ll change the CE IP to the new FQDN []

There should be no other changes needed for the tunnel past that change.


From the main login, select VPN on the left side then “Branch Office VPN”

From the Branch Office VPN screen select the Gateway for the Clubessential VPN tunnel

Edit the gateway endpoint for Clubessential from the IP to the new FQDN [], it should look like this:

Click Save at the bottom and the new tunnel info will be saved and the tunnel will re-establish quickly.