A Touchless Solution for the Next-Generation

The Essential Suite is a touchless solution in response to the COVID-19 pandemic that changed how clubs can reach and connect with members. It provides the ability to interact digitally and bring value virtually, enabling clubs to safely and intentionally deliver the lifestyle, value, and brand of the club.

See how The Essential Suite builds engagement on and off the property in this infographic.

“This suite provides the tools our team needs to enhance the member experience, and our members are responding.”

Greg Gilg, Field Club of Omaha

The Essential Suite in Action

With a mobile foundation and advanced reporting, see how the Essential Suite has arrived just in time to power the next generation club experience.

The modern club experience doesn’t start or end at the gate. Discover how to engage your members away from the club.

As we add extra space at the club to minimize contact, see how technology can streamline those operations and virtually shrink that personal distance.

The New View at the Club

These Next-Generation Experiences share at their core the need to connect and access the club in ways that are responsible and intuitive, yet flexible enough to accommodate each club’s unique needs. The result of all of these connections, both in and out of the club, is increased knowledge about members and their activities that enables clubs to better understand and connect with members for life.

The Essential Suite Solution Details

Mobile First

Reporting and Analytics



Check-In Kiosks


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