Technical Specifications


iPad/Tablet Guidelines

  • You must utilize a terminal services environment. Applications will be installed on, and run from your server. This will require terminal services licenses from Microsoft, which your local IT firm must assist you with purchasing and installing.
  • *If you are a Clubessential Hosted client, you are already in a terminal services environment – just let us know you are
  • adding tablets and we will create a new login for you to use with your tablet.
  • No mobile CC swipe is available for OpenEdge; only a Bluetooth model is available for ETS processing. Contact your
  • representative with ETS to purchase the BulleT Bluetooth Credit Card Swipe. You may also email [email protected] letting her know you would like to have someone reach out to you about this.
  • A remote desktop application will need to be downloaded to the iPad/Tablet. You will then connect with the server with this app on the device to then open your Clubessential software. There are several Remote Desktop apps in the app marketplaces. Some free, some for a charge. Many clubs use the PocketCloud free version with great success.
    *To use the ETS CC swipe, the paid Jump RDP application for iOS is the only application with successful trials. You must use this application if you wish to use the BulleT Bluetooth Credit Card Swipes.
  • A local private wireless network is highly recommended using commercial grade wireless hardware.
  • Use of cellular iPads/tablets is possible through a VPN back to the club’s firewall. If you are a Clubessential Hosted client, Clubessential can implement this. Otherwise, your local IT will be responsible for the setup and maintenance.
  • Printers from existing terminals may be used. In most clubs, tablets are used to supplement existing terminals (for example an iPad being used in a Grill Room with existing desktop POS stations). If you set the tablet to use the same terminal ID as an existing terminal, then it will operate in the same way as that terminal, including printer definition. You can alternatively add an Ethernet receipt printer and set up the iPad as a new terminal with its own receipt printer.
  • If you need help adding Terminals and Screen Groups the estimated billed time is typically 1 to 2 hours (more if additional
  • tablets, screen groups, and terminals are needed). If the tablet is being installed for an entirely new area, then there is much more work that will need to be done. This service will need to be scheduled by our training department as a billable service.
  • Please reach out to your account manager and let them know you would like setup and training for adding a new area.