Office: On-site

Technical Specifications

Server (Up to 15 connected terminals, call for 15+ consult)
Operating Systems: Windows Server 2012 R2 and above. (SBS versions are not supported and cannot be on the same
server as Clubessential)

Database: Microsoft SQL Server 2012 or above (Express/Standard) – Clubessential will install Express during the installation process.

Processor: 2.5 GHz Intel Xeon Quad Core Processor or above Disc Space: 160 GB, 10k RPM or above (SSD recommended), RAID 1 or 5 minimum, RAID 10 recommended. We require less than 20GB for install.

RAM: 6.0 GB Minimum if database-only server only running Clubessential applications and SQL Express Backup: Customer Provided Backup Strategy. External backups recommended. Clubessential does not backup your
database. This is a local IT responsibility.

Other: UPS recommended, Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 (enabled through server manager) and 4.8 or above

Switch (only) 10/100 minimum
Cabling CAT5/6, certified and tested
Wireless 54G Standard +, AC Recommended
Internet Access Required with Static IP
Clubessential does not support ‘fat client’ over VPN – remote
sites must use terminal services to connect

Office Workstation
Operating Systems (x32 or x64):

  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8 or above
  • Windows 8 Pro/Enterprise
  • Windows 10 Pro/Enterprise
  • Windows 11 Pro/Enterprise

Processor: Intel i3 or above (Intel i5/2.4GHz or above
RAM: 4GB Minimum, 8GB or Higher Recommended
Monitor: 1280×1024 resolution or above
Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8 or above

POS Workstation
Operating Systems (x32 or x64):

  • Windows 8 Pro/Enterprise
  • Windows 10 Pro/Enterprise
  • Windows 11 Pro/Enterprise

Processor: Intel i3 or above (i3/2.4GHz or above rec.)
RAM: 4GB or Higher Recommended
Monitor: 1024 x 768 or above, 1280×1024 preferred, Touch Screen Recommended

POS Workstation Thin Client (Terminal Services Environment)
Any terminal supporting RDP 6.1 Compatible Client
Monitor: 1024 x 768 resolution or higher – 1280×1024 preferred, Touch Screen Recommended
Local receipt printers must use Ethernet connectivity In RDP setup, Font Smoothing must be enabled
Internet Access and Bandwidth Requirements
Static IP address (for support and updates)
50Mb download/5 Upload minimum for support only

POS Equipment – Traditional Client/Server Application
Required Thermal Receipt Printers: Epson TM-T88III, TMT88IV, TM-T88V, or TM-T88VI (Ethernet interface recommended, but not required)
**Paper: Thermal Paper Roll, 3 1/8″ width 3.27” maximum diameter

Required Impact Remote Printers (kitchen/bar prep): Epson TM-U220B, Ethernet interface required
**Paper: 3” Paper Roll, 1-3 ply carbonless

Required Cash Drawer Type (if using): APG 100 Compatible with connectivity cables to Epson receipt printers – speak to your hardware dealer for guidance

Recommended Barcode Scanner: Datalogic QuickScan QD2131 USB, or other keyboard wedge emulating scanner

Recommended Inventory Scanners: Motorola CS3070 (Bluetooth model with no screen), or AML LDX10 (touchscreen and allows entering of quantity). The AML model will likely require setup and use training by your local IT professional. Additional scanners may be compatible as long as they produce a CSV file with SKU number.

Required Merchandise Label Printer (if using):
Clubessential only supports Brother label printers.
Brother QL-720nw, QL-820NWB, or QL-1110NWB
**Required Paper: Either Brother DK1209 or DK1201

iPad/Tablet Requirements
Using tablets requires:

*Credit card swiping is only available through CE Payments


*Terminal services licensing on your server – obtained & installed by your local IT firm
*RDP client installed on tablets (Jump/Microsoft RDP are a couple of many options our clients use-Clubessential does not have an official RDP app partner)

*Credit Card swiping is only available through a Bluetooth swipe exclusivey through our partners ETS or Shift4. **You must use the Jump or Remotix app with the Bluetooth swipe**

*Wireless network N/AC (Private internal wireless network recommended using commercial-grade equipment)

Integrated Electronic Payments

If you are using CE payments, click here to purchase CC readers

If you are going with a different payment processor for Credit Cards at Point of Sale, CC terminals, please work with your processor to purchase CC readers.

Other Requirements
Remote access to your server will be through Bomgar/BeyondTrust remote access tool. This is required for remote access for installation as well as ongoing support.
Backup strategy that includes SQL Server backups (Not all backup software supports this) – Clubessential does NOT
backup your data.
Uninterruptible power supplies recommended for line voltage filtering

Local Technician’s Responsibilities
• Ensure computers and printers meet specifications, are in place, and are connected to the network
• Assist with BeyondTrust installation
• Maintain that users have full read/write access to the  Clubsoft/Clubessential share (Everyone – Full Control)
• Install Clubessential applications on client machines prior to go-live
• Configure and train users on any additional hardware being used
• Ensure proper backup processes exist for disaster recovery (recommended nightly outside of operating hours, local and cloud copies encouraged), Clubessential does NOT keep a copy of the club’s data.

*To completely backup Clubessential, backup the ‘mercury’ SQL database (within the CLUBESSENTIAL SQL Instance) and the shared ‘Clubessential’ folder

Recommended Devices for On-Site Office Clients:

*Below you will find links to product pages. These are just examples of what to look for when purchasing your hardware and supplies. We recommend price shopping and using a reputable supplier. is a great resource, as is Local support by your IT Vendor is required to set-up, configure, and provide ongoing hardware support. Any assistance Clubessential provides for hardware support is a billable service, as it is outside of Software Support.

Receipt Printer (Thermal):
Epson TM-T88VI (as well as older models: TM-T88IV, V). The TM-T88VI is the most future-proof, at time of writing, and includes USB, Ethernet, & another interface of your choosing.

Epson TM-P80II Plus Receipt Printer (WiFi, rechargeable battery, portable. Same receipt size as the existing Epson T88 series so can be used interchangeably) 

Thermal Receipt Paper:
Compatible with Epson TM-T88 Series Thermal Printers – 3 1/8″ Width x 3.27″ Max Diameter

Prep Printer (Impact):
Epson U220-B – with Ethernet interface (required)

Impact Receipt Paper:
3″ Width Paper Roll; 1, 2, or 3 Ply Carbonless
Single Ply:
Dual Ply:
Three Ply:

Epson Interface Card to change an unsupported interface type into Ethernet:
Epson Connect-It UB-E04

Cash Drawer:
APG 100 Series; One example is the APG T237A-BL1616

Merchandise Label Barcode Printer (typically used in golf/tennis shops):
Clubessential only interfaces with Brother label printers.
QL-720nw, QL-820NWB, or QL-1110NWB devices; Brother DK1209 or DK1201 labels ONLY
QL-820NWB is the most accessible device at time of writing
DK1209 Labels:
DK1201 Labels:

Barcode Scanner (for use with Retail Point-of-Sale Check-Out):
Keyboard Wedge USB Scanner; One example is the Datalogic QuickScan QD2131

Inventory Scanner (for use with in-house labeled merchandise):
Clubessential has tested 2 devices, the AML LDX10 (which has a touchscreen for entering quantity), and the Motorola CS3070 (small Bluetooth model with minimal buttons, no screen). Your local IT will be responsible for setting up and training staff on how to use the device to scan inventory.
Motorola CS3070:

Backup Solution:
As a reminder, Clubessential does NOT keep a copy of your On-Site data. You must backup the Microsoft SQL Database, as well as the shared Clubessential folder on your server. We recommend using a local and cloud backup platform for greatest disaster recovery. In the event of a system failure, Clubessential will have to reimplement your software from scratch, which is a billable service.