Mobile POS

Technical Specifications

Clubessential POS is an app found in the iOS and Android App Stores. This guide outlines the requirements to use the Mobile POS, recommended devices, and other recommendations for the best user experience. If you are interested in using the Mobile POS app, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager for more information.

iOS Deployment (preferred choice):

Standard 9.7 inch iPad or 2019 iPad Mini.
iPhone not supported.
Capable of supporting the latest iOS version – (currently iOS 16, must be at least iOS 11).
We recommend the following:
iPad (2021/9th Generation) – Optimal
iPad Mini (2019/5th Generation or greater)
iPad Air (2019/3rd Generation or greater)
*If purchasing new, we recommend the newest version of the iPad available.

Android Deployment:

Capable of supporting the latest Android version – (currently Android OS 13, must be at least OS 12)
We recommend the following:
Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e 10.5”
Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite

Network Requirements:

10/100/1000 switched network
Cat 5/6 cabling certified and tested
Broadband Internet, at least 25Mbps
Wireless 802.11ac or greater recommended (Commercial-Grade Hardware, not ConsumerGrade)
*You may also use 4G Cellular connectivity to operate the App, but there is currently no cellular printing option available.

Receipt Printer Requirements:

Recommended: Epson TM-T88VI with Ethernet connectivity, alternatively Wi-Fi connected.

Epson TM-P80II Plus Receipt Printer (WiFi, rechargeable battery, portable. Same receipt size as the existing Epson T88 series so can be used interchangeably.)
Legacy Epson TM-T88V, IV, III are also supported with Ethernet
Printers must be installed on a Windows PC in the network using the Generic/Text Only driver-set. If a network printer, you may install on the server where our software resides
*Hosted Clients Your Printers should already meet the above requirements

*You may also use 4G or greater cellular connectivity to operate the App, but there is currently no cellular printing option available

Google Chrome Browser Deployment:
It is possible to use the Google Chrome Web Browser for Mobile POS operation. This can be on any machine with a full-sized monitor capable of running the most recent version of Google Chrome. Machine RAM requirements: 4GB (Minimum); 8GB (Preferred).

Integrated Electronic Payments (Credit Card at POS):
Fully integrated into the Mobile POS requires CE Payments.
Square can be used – though this requires another app, a merchant account, and card readers from Square. Supported card readers include the Square Reader for Magstripe and the Square Reader for contactless and chip. Square will not work with Google Chrome Browser deployments.