CE taskTracker

Revolutionize Course Maintenance for an Accelerated Member Experience 

With Clubessential taskTracker, the latest next generation technology available from Clubessential’s powerful suite of comprehensive private club management solutions, golf course maintenance is smarter than ever. 

Make Maintenance Tedium Extinct 

Task management has never been easier or more efficient. Build your team’s digital workboards to fit your operation – mobile, cloud-based technology, with powerful task automation built-in, makes physically rewriting the job board every day a thing of the past 

Let Data Drive Your Decisions 

Monitor important metrics such as club calendars, growing-degree days, and height-of-cut changes from one easy-to-use page. Enjoy data-driven decision-making to get the most out of your equipment, team, and grounds.  

Set your course maintenance up for success with a solid foundation of flawless planning – followed up by foolproof execution. 

Employee Mobile Keeps You Connected 

Employees, superintendents, and technicians can stay connected in real-time through the workday with taskTracker’s mobile interface. Employees can receive feedback, manage their schedules, and check out equipment to ensure everyone is on the same page. A comprehensive time clock application allows detailed hour tracking down to the task – while clock-in times interface automatically with the Display Board and punch history.

Empower Your Team: Live notifications, the ability to notify technicians about faulty equipment, job reminders, and highly visible and customizable schedules give your team everything they need to succeed. 

“In the first month of use, the results were astonishing. Not only did members have increased roll off their drives, but water usage was reduced by 24%.” 

— Mike Stevens, The Club at Hokuli’a

Effortless Course Maintenance for Extraordinary member Experiences 

  • Increase staff efficiency with daily job boards, wirelessly displayed on your TV 
  • Provide multi-lingual displays and highlight needed safety equipment to empower staff 
  • Assign jobs to employees from anywhere, or automate jobs for specific times 
  • Easily view and track how your labor dollars are spent 
  • Make smarter course maintenance decisions informed by key labor data 
  • Enjoy the security of automatic data back-ups 

Precision Moisture Mapping 

Smart course maintenance is informed by data. Our exclusive partnership with TerraRad Tech enables you to optimize operations through the collection of moisture data, measured 4” into the soil for consistency. At 7 moisture readings per second (without drones, sticks, or probes), turfRad technology introduces the potential for:  

  • Improved Course Playability 
  • Reduced Water Consumption 
  • Optimized Irrigation 
  • Historical Record-keeping of Moisture Data 

CE taskTracker

Make data-driven course maintenance easy with intuitive, powerful technology from Clubessential.