Reopening Your Club in a Contactless or Less Contact Environment

Webinar Recording, Examples, and Ideas from other Clubs

Download the slide deck in .pdf form here

Examples From the Webinar

Mobile Ordering and Takeout Forms: Mobile Ordering revenue in April 2020 for clubs using our Mobile Ordering product is set to be 25 times higher than revenue in April 2019. If you’re not using Clubessential Office and you cannot use our Mobile Ordering product that is integrated with Point of Sale, you can still enable your members to place takeout orders by placing a takeout form on your Club’s website.

See this takeout form example for non-Office users on our demo site:

Family Fun Reservations: Coming back to the club is going to be different. It’s going to happen in stages and it has to be in a controlled fashion. While you want members to enjoy the club, it’s your responsibility to ensure that it happens in a safe way that assures proper distance and time for sanitization.

We are offering a Family Fun Reservations Bundle for select activities to get members back to the club in a safe way that enables them to book their time at the club. You can choose three of the following five activities using our reservation systems to provide an easy way for members to book their time at the club.

Booking Against the Space Capacity? Consider Pool and Fitness Center reservations.

Booking Space in Time Intervals? Consider Bocce, Croquet, and Hitting Bay reservations.

Contactless Ideas From Your Industry Peers

– Some Members have underlying health conditions and will not come back to the Club soon. Plan on continuing to host live Zoom classes in the Group Exercise area after you reopen

– Hold Zoom sessions for kid’s activities

– Start a YouTube channel for the Club to showcase your Club’s amenities, culture and staff

– Deliver products to Members’ homes with local suppliers with online orders (dependent upon availability in your area)

– Create a CashApp or Venmo account for the Club to offer a gratuity option that is completely touch-less

– For virtual tours, use Zoom or any online videos. Use photos from different Club events and to spur your conversation with prospective Members

– Have different people from the Club sign on to a Zoom meeting to talk about their areas. This gives prospects the ability to get a sense of your Club through your Staff Members