Keeping the Pulse on Member Engagement and Creating Your Proactive Touchpoint Plan

Strategies for Recruitment, Increased Engagement, and Member Retention

In this unprecedented time, it will be more important than ever to keep a pulse on your Membership and have a proactive plan for engaging with the various segments of your membership base. During this session, hear directly from Greg Gilg, General Manager of Field Club of Omaha as he shares how they quickly adapted and innovated new ways to add value to their membership experience. Also, explore how to review key factors impacting engagement levels for your overall membership base, specific membership types, and that of your individual members utilizing the Membership Analytics Predictor (MAP).

Learn More About the Tools We Discussed

Clubessential Mobile Ordering: More than ordering at the turn, in the last weeks, Mobile Ordering was already taking on a huge role in the dining experience before the virus hit. Now it’s even more critical. With mobile ordering, you can offer curbside pickup, delivery service, or even groceries to go while the dining rooms are closed with the same individualized club experience your members expect. Check out this amazing Mobile Ordering layout from Field Club of Omaha!

Learn more about Clubessential Mobile Ordering.

Member Analytics Predictor: Discover the behaviors of your members and determine your at-risk and most engaged members; easily run reports on this data, and re-engage your at-risk members before a cancellation notice crosses your desk.

Learn more about how you can use predictive analytics to create re-engagement strategies for at-risk members or to identify your best advocates for recruiting new prospects.

Reporting: We want your Club to make informed decisions now that set you up for success in the long run. By knowing your prior results, you can better understand what success looks like in today’s world. Here are just a few things that clubs are measuring in order to make solid decisions for both the short and long term:

  • Membership Health
    • Who is at risk of resigning your Club?
  • F&B Revenue by Area
    • Which areas of your Club are driving F&B sales now?
  • Club Facilities Utilization
    • See how you might adjust your facilities – such as golf or tennis – to better support social distancing and make up for revenue for areas of your Club that might be closed, such as your banquets.
  • Check-ins
    • Know which members and/or guests checked in and when.
  • Member Payments
    • Stay on top of dues by looking at Member Payments by Cash Receipt Type

Learn how the reporting capabilities of Clubessential Office can provide your Club with insightful data that fuels more personalized member experiences and streamlined operations. From accounting to POS, membership management and billing to GL, inventory management to financial reporting, and more — we have you covered.