A Private Club President’s Perspective on Club Technology

Join our CFO, Brian Carley to get an inside look at the role of the CFO in the club organization. Brian has a unique perspective and valuable insights given his additional role as a Private Club President and Treasurer. In this recorded webinar, he shares his expert knowledge to help you drive your club toward continued success.

Here’s How We Drive Success for Club Leaders.

Here are just a few examples of what we have to offer:

  • CE Unified Suite: Club management software with real-time data sharing between reservations, accounting and point-of-sale, giving you everything you need to streamline operations and run reports with confidence in your data.
  • Mobile POS: Cloud-based POS solution to help you exceed members’ expectations, no matter where they are at your Club.
  • CE Payments: Increase your club’s cash flow and make it easy for your members to view and pay their statements through a user friendly mobile responsive layout.
  • Mobile App: you can use beacon-powered push notifications to prompt members to place F&B orders – say at the turn of the golf course – further personalizing the member experience and generating more club revenue.
  • Member Analytics Predictor (MAP): Use predictive analytics to re-engage members before a cancellation notice crosses your desk or to pair a highly engaged member with prospects to enhance recruiting.

Additional Clubessential Resources and Guides:

  • Private Club Industry’s First Maturity Model
    After conducting extensive research in the private club space, as well as other industries, including hospitality, we’ve developed a series of documents and workbooks for club industry professionals, creating the Private Club Industry’s First Maturity Model. The goal is to help club professionals better understand their maturity relative to the industry and evolve their way of delivering exceptional member experiences.