The Next Generation Membership Director

No one has to tell you that the face of club members are changing rapidly. You’re on the frontline and see it firsthand. That doesn’t make it easier. Nobody joins a club “just because” anymore. They have specific needs, expectations and they’re weighing their options. The good news is that the primary driver for joining clubs is stronger than ever: people crave real relationships. Clubessential enables you to connect with your members to exceed their expectations and to make smart decisions about the strategic direction of your club and future members.

“The clubs that want to remain successful in the future and grow have to change with the times. They must be innovators and continue to look out of the box for activities that drive the family experience.”

Graham House, Cordillera Ranch

Re-imagine the Membership Engagement Experience

Ask yourself these questions to ensure you have the technology to exceed member expectations with a personal touch.

  • Can you easily see and compare engaged or disengaged members at a glance?
  • What reporting do you use to measure member experience success?
  • Are you tracking member experiences and preferences and then acting on that data?
  • Do you understand your most effective marketing strategies?
  • Can your members easily view and pay statements, make reservations, and place mobile food orders?
  • Can your members format your mobile app around their preferences?
  • Can you display member preferences at POS and save a member’s favorite meal configurations?
  • How do you measure the velocity of prospects through your pipeline?

Create a Comprehensive Picture to Plan Your Way Forward

Accounting and POS

Mobile App



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