The Next Generation Golf Pro

You wear many hats for your club: instructor, merchandiser, organizer, and supervisor. And because you’re competitive, you’re always looking for an edge. Unsurprisingly, just like on the tee, technology can deliver advantages that take your game to the next level. From understanding the needs of your members to communicating tee time policies to ordering and selling merchandise to managing your staff, Clubessential can help you get up and down quicker with all of your tasks.

“The day before we launched the Clubessential Online Tee Times System, 100% of our members were booking tee times over the phone. 8 days later, 91% were booking online.”

Ed Nickelson, Pinehurst Resort & Country Club

Develop a Consistent Golf-Business Swing

Ask yourself these questions and be prepared for your next shot from any line.

  • Can your members customize your mobile app around their preferences?
  • Can your members create a buddy list of members they frequently play with so they can add those members to their reservation?
  • How many steps and clicks are currently required for a member to book a tee time?
  • When you have events, how do you streamline your check-in and merchandise purchase process?
  • If you experience a mass rush on the tee sheet each day, are you confident the procedure of automatically holding the next available tee time for the member who didn’t click fast enough will work properly for them?
  • Does your system allow for member and guest restrictions varied by day, time of day, or season?
  • Can you easily layer blocks and events on top of your course schedules?
  • Do you have the ability to see member preference data within your Admin Tee Sheet?
  • How do you drive Pro Shop revenue from the register to the first tee?
  • What is your process for maintaining complete control of your tee sheet?
  • Can you easily manage multiple operations simultaneously, from handling incoming phone calls to ensuring all members check-in?
  • What is your process for handling delays?
  • How long does it take you to generate reports for the General Manager, Controller, and Board?

Keeping Score of What Matters


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