The Next Generation Controller

You’re the gatekeeper of data and insight. But the sources of information are multiplying at a rapid rate and understanding the fiscal health, monetary return, and engagement of your members is becoming increasingly complex. That’s why you need a suite of connected and data-driven tools to continuously illuminate your current environment and shine a light on the surest path forward. With real insight into member activity, operational efficiency, and actual costs, you can make smart decisions that enhance the member experience and success of your club.

“Now, with Clubessential everything is seamless. Data pulls correctly between modules. This instills confidence that the data is correct – a feeling we didn’t have with our prior accounting vendor.”

Nicole Hisiro, The Country Club of Orlando

Re-imagine the Member Experience

Ask yourself these questions and be ready to exceed expectations with every touch.

  • How do you track the utilization of your club and demonstrate return on capital investments?
  • What reporting do you use to measure experiential as well as operational success?
  • What is your process for tracking member experiences and preferences and then acting on that data?
  • How easy is it for your members to view and pay their statements?
  • How long does it take you to generate reports for the Board?
  • Is your cash flow adequate and how does cash flow through your club?
  • Do you understand which events are profitable and not profitable?
  • Can you easily see engaged or disengaged members at a glance?

Create a Comprehensive Picture to Plan Your Way Forward

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