Increase Cash Flow, Improve Efficiency, and Enhance Member Convenience

Clubessential Online Statements and Payments make it easy for your members to view and pay their statements through a user-friendly mobile responsive layout. Contactless payment capability minimizes friction and delivers the modern convenience and experience members expect. User-friendly design and intuitive navigation simplify back-office operations and make training easy.

Your One-stop-shop for Payment Facilitation and Support

As a payment facilitator, Clubessential provides one trusted partner to handle all of your club’s payment needs from start to finish. That means one service and support partner, funding within two days, consolidated settlement reporting, and simplified reconciliation process.

Clubessential Digital Payments Simplify Daily Club Operations

In one of our busiest months it took me four and half hours to reconcile one bank account. Now with Clubessential Payments it took me 30 minutes.

STACEY WICKHAM, Assistant Controller
Birchwood Farms Golf & Country Club, MI

Modern Experiences Members Expect

Electronic payments give members a touchless way to view and pay their monthly dues online just like they do with other aspects of their life. It enables you to reduce the monthly hassle of mailing out member statements and collecting payments through paper checks. And it enhances the user experience throughout the club, enabling electronic and touchless payments everywhere from the pro shop to the bar cart.

That’s just the beginning, the benefits of modern payments are widespread and comprehensive, permeating the entire club. Download this infographic or watch the video below to discover how CE Payments can streamline operations for you and enhance the experience for your members. You can even increase the cash flow at your club – see how some out-of-the-box thinking makes it possible.

CE Payments Features and Advantages for Members and Staff

Multiple Time-Range Statement Views

Contactless Credit Card Readers

Cloud Hosted in a PCI-compliant Environment

View CHIT Details and Print Past Tickets

Quick View of Account Balances

Responsive Design

Integrated Accounting Reconciliation

Credit Book and Gift Card

Printer-Friendly Statements