CE Payments

Member Adoption Kit

CE Payments, the industry’s first single-source payment solution, gives you faster funding, simplified payment reconciliation, and concise payment reporting. To take full advantage of the benefits, you’ll want to get your members set-up as well. We have put together this kit to help you promote CE Payments within your club to your members. The kit includes the following pieces:

– One page flyer highlighting member benefits that you can pass out and post around the club.

– An email you can personalize and send to your members with the steps on how to get set up.

– Set up guide that can be given to new members during the onboarding process to encourage them to get signed up right away.

– Banner ad that you can add to your website promoting member sign up for Payments. The ad has been designed so it is flexible enough that it can be cropped or resized to fit your banner ad spaces.

Getting your members signed up for CE Payments can help improve cash flow, save time since your members are paying online, and you can select auto draft on any day you choose.