Frequently Asked Questions

What impact will this have on our members?
This depends on your current setup.

  • If you currently do not accept payments online from your members, the only change is positive in that the members will now have the power to submit payments and schedule recurring payments on their own behalf.
  • If you currently do accept payments online from your members, the change will be your members will need to re-enter their bank account or credit card. For security, all payment processors these days tokenize and encrypt these sensitive pieces of information which unfortunately means they can only be used with that particular processing company. We understand this may impact your cash flow, but we plan to work with you on a communication plan that will encourage your members to enroll.

How will this impact the club staff?
We believe the improvements will have a very positive impact to your clubs bank reconciliation process within the Office software. With CE Payments you will now have all your settlements and fees synced to General Journal batches automatically. This will help save your accounting team hours each month reconciling your bank statements.

What if my club only allows payments to be made on select days of the month?
We understand the importance of a predictable cash flow and its impact to the clubs bottomline. With CE Payments and our Paycloud products we have features designed to assist with this. First, in Paycloud there is the ability to enable blackout dates so you can limit the number of available days for one time and scheduled payments. Second, if you prefer to capture the payments from your members bank account or credit card when you are ready, we have built a new admin auto draft feature that will allow members to enroll their account and the admin can draft the payments directly from Paycloud.

What about taking credit cards at point of sale?
CE Payments Card Present is currently available for Clubessential Office users. We offer fixed terminal, mobile/roaming, and P2PE validated hardware solutions. You can now enjoy all of the same CE Payments benefits of faster funding & easier reconciliation with your Card Present POS payments. Contact us today for more information.

Is CE Payments secure?
Yes. CE payments is PCI validated solution that meets all requirements of PCI DSS. All data is securely encrypted and tokenized to ensure data details are protected.

How can we take credit cards without the burden of the processing fees?
Like other vendors, CE Payments will allow you to assess the processing fee to the member.