Member Payment Adoption Kit

Mobile Ordering Launch Kit

Your mobile app is better than ever – custom push notifications, in-app messaging, and mobile ordering are just some of the features available for you and your club. The resources below will promote engagement with your members, allowing your staff to quickly and efficiently harness the power of mobile ordering.

Email Template to encourage app download
Send this customizable email to your members to let them know what mobile ordering from your club can do for them.
Guide to push notifications
Promote mobile ordering and engage with your members through custom push notifications.
Member Benefits Flyer
One page flyer highlighting member benefits of mobile ordering that you can pass out and post around the club.

Website Banner Ad
Banner ad that you can add to your website promoting member mobile ordering. The ad template has been designed so it can be cropped or resized to fit the banner ad spaces on your website.

Additional Information About Location Services, Push Notifications, and Mobile Ordering

We continue to upgrade your club’s app to become more personal and user-friendly than ever. With the ability to set up location services, custom push notifications, mobile ordering capabilities and more, your app has never been this intuitive. Get started engaging with your members by learning about the newest enhancements to your mobile app.