Club Intelligence by Clubessential

Minimize Contact While You Streamline and Integrate Processes

The way members interact with your club might have changed, but the high expectations haven’t. Members want access to amenities and service that recognizes them personally. You need to control access and document usage and activity throughout the property. Clubessential Mobile and Check-In Kiosks enable you to accomplish all of that and more, with multiple options to suit your particular needs

Member Self-Check-In Station

With staffing at a premium, enabling members to check-in to areas of the club such as the pool, fitness facilities or even for tee times helps minimize personal contact and frees your associates for other activities. Members can even add items (e.g. a bottle water or sleeve of golf balls) and settle tickets. You’ll have complete insights and control over the facilities, with contact tracing reports, direct Tee Times integration and more to assure member use meets guidelines and their satisfaction.

Staffed Check-In Station

Adding staff to a check-in station anywhere on the property enables you to add a highly personal interaction that can be completely touch-less for the member. Additionally, this option allows for ensuring guest details are captured and logged for the best possible records to support tracing needs. Staff can also quickly add items (e.g. sunscreen or beverages) and settle tickets completely without the need for physical contact.  Simultaneously you’ll ensure that all data is recorded and integrated across your systems, for the most friction-less user-experience possible.

Mobile Ordering Kiosk

Preventing bottlenecks and congregations of people can be challenging in many clubhouses around informal dining areas, snack bars, and pools. Additionally, in situations with minimal staff, you can likely serve those members more efficiently by enabling members to make requests and place orders on their own. Mobile Ordering Kiosks enables that functionality with ultimate control over location. Allow placement of orders in the future and designate emails to receive all new orders.

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