50/50 for the Win, Win, Win

Go Green with CE Payments

We’re always looking for a win, win, win – and we have one for you. CE Payments offers a number of advantages for everyone – from saving you and your members time, increasing cash flow at the club, and eliminating paper waste from the environment, everyone wins. That’s why when you get 50% of your members signed up and using CE Payments, we’ll send you a $50 gift card. Maintain that 50% membership level for 3 months and you’ll get a raffle ticket for a grand prize to be given away at the 2022 CMAA Show.*

Already There?

If 50% of your members are already enrolled in CE Payments, you’re a winner!

Need a boost getting to 50%?

If you have implemented CE Payments but not hit the 50% adoption rate, we’ll give you a hand. We’ve created a simple turnkey customizable member adoption toolkit ready to get you and your members started. Register now to benchmark your status and access the resources.

Not Using CE Payments Yet?

Check out the advantages, hear customer testimonials, and get started now.

* Need not be present to win.