Membership Analytics Predictor

See the Future Now

Clubessential’s Member Analytics Predictor (MAP) solution is the club industry’s first predictive analytics tool. With the ability to score members based on their activity including money spent, reservations, check-ins, and more, you can make quick and informed decisions about each member. Armed with that information you can make smart decisions about your club’s future.

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Monitor Individual Member Behavior at Scale

MAP enables you to set variables and determine what constitutes an engaged member at your club. With the click of a button, you have access to individual member trend analysis and reports on who has fallen below your engagement threshold. Use this information to create re-engagement strategies for at-risk members, identify highly engaged members to pair with prospects, and to focus on your best advocates for recruiting new prospects. The end result is the ability to recruit, engage, and retain #members4life.

How it Works

Leveraging years of experience, we’ve developed algorithms and formulas based on real data, to define benchmarks of engagement at your club. From there you can easily view and report on members inside and outside of your desired threshold. Use those member scores to generate groups and automate communication for intentional efforts to re-engage and show appreciation to your most loyal members. You can even display MAP scores at any POS to encourage optimal staff interaction with your most at-risk members.

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