How to Make Your Marketing Work for You

Marketing Resources for Club Professionals

Thank you so much for attending our presentation on How to Make Your Marketing Work For You surrounding COVID-19. Along with the slide deck and recording below, we have included resources mentioned during the webinar.

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Static & Dynamic Groups

When communication only applies to a group of members, it is best to use target marketing in emails to effectively deliver the message. In order to use target marketing, Dynamic and Static Groups should be employed. Dynamic Groups automatically add members based on defined rules from the Directory and accounting system. Static Groups are created by manually adding members, or allowing for opt-in/opt-out groups.

New Clubessential Email Editor

The new Clubessential Email Editor allows for email design flexibility offered with the convenience of a drag and drop interface. Easily create stunning emails based on pre-designed templates, or create your own in a few easy steps. The new Clubessential Email Editor separates the concepts of the email body (settings applied to the entire message), structures (rows of the content in the message), and content (text, images, buttons, etc). These elements can be added, removed, or rearranged by simply dragging and dropping options from the content panel to the body of the email.


Snippets are used to pull profile information from a Member currently logged in or associated with a particular account and display it on a page or in an email. They are most commonly used to personalize the Member experience on web pages and emails.

Cross Marketing

Cross Marketing is best used to promote upcoming events or new features and pages on the website. By using Cross Marketing, we can ensure that users will see the information, especially if placed in high traffic areas. Furthermore, we can use cross-marketing platforms as directional marketing to specific users based on interests, and/or past event attendance.

Social Media

Using social media is a great way to keep your members engaged with the club and as an opportunity for us to meet our members where they already are. It is a best practice to grab attention on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter with teasers of information and then always link through to the club’s website to get the full story or take an action.

Scheduled and Recurring Emails

Scheduling emails allows for either the setup of emails on a one-time or on a recurring basis. For a one-time message, simply select the date from the calendar and the time from the drop-downs that you would like your message to go out. Setting up emails on a recurring basis allows you to create and prepare your email once and then for the system to send future emails without any adjustments needed. Both options are helpful for preparing content ahead of time and sending the email at times that best suit the content of your email.

First Impressions

First Impressions allow for presenting the member with information immediately upon logging in, forcing them to view it before being able to continue to the website. They can be used and shown to individual members, staff, and group(s). They have the option to select the time frame this page will be active, when it expires, and how many times it will display to users.

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