Kitchen Display System

Set New Standards for Club Dining

It’s time to raise the bar for your dining experience with Clubessential’s Kitchen Display System, carefully crafted to better serve your members, streamline your kitchen, and improve your services with data-driven insights into dining trends. Say goodbye to unexpected kitchen trouble – our cohesive system provides enhanced visibility into real-time service, so you and your staff are always a step ahead.

Multiple Challenges – One Solution

Improving the dining experience at your club is a multi-faceted objective; you have member experiences to enhance, staff efficiency to improve, and a lot of untapped data to collect in order to make exponentially smarter decisions. KDS was designed to work in harmony with the Clubessential Essential Suite… providing one balanced solution for all your toughest challenges.

A Kitchen System That Communicates

Clubessential’s KDS is fully integrated with our Cloud-Based Mobile Point of Sale and works seamlessly with everything from Mobile Ordering to the Membership Analytics Predictor and Mobile First experiences. Our software communicates more so you can worry about less.

Mobile Technology in the Next Generation of Dining

Kitchen and dining services are some of the most challenging to streamline for any club. That’s why mobile- integrated solutions like the Kitchen Display System are essential to identifying and solving real-time problems as they arise. Put handwritten errors, environmental impacts, and other antiquated problems in the past by transitioning to Clubessential’s mobile-first Essential Suite.

A Benefit for Members, a Bridge for Staff

There’s no time to spare in dining services. Save your staff’s time and the efficiency of your kitchen with the CE Kitchen Display System. Let servers focus on their tables rather than running back and forth to procure status updates – with KDS, everything is visible on real-time tickets, so there’s no need to search or make unnecessary trips to the kitchen.

Your Club’s Story, Written in Your Member’s Data

With Clubessential, every member touchpoint at your club serves as a new piece of data that allows you to better understand your members, improve your services, and garner insight that will take your club to the next level. Our new KDS solution will give you another powerful tool to read the story your club members are writing and translate that narrative into an extraordinary experience.

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