Geo Location-Based Marketing Suite

Enhance Member Communication Value with Perfect Context

To create exceptional experiences everywhere for your members you need to reach them at the precisely right place and time with the right message. That requires an integrated mix of technology: the GEO Location-based Marketing Suite from Clubessential.

Right Here, Right Now

Through the use of geofencing, beacons, mobile applications, and CRM, you can now refine targeting and segmentation to deliver personalized messages with uncanny context and timing. The result is increased member engagement, enhanced user experience and personalization, and the ability to execute advanced retention strategies. In addition, you’ll gain audience insights through tracking and attribution throughout the process to further improve future communications. It creates a scalable high-touch member experience with your existing labor resources that is only limited by your imagination.

Increase Attention with Tailored Communications

Mobile devices are omnipresent, even if you don’t see them. That is a fact.  Clubessential’s new Location-Based Marketing Suite empowers clubs to deliver members an exceptional experience on their mobile devices through messaging and offers that interest them when it matters most. It also enables clubs to scale marketing programs and make data-driven decisions about both their communications and actual club use that lead to long-term success.

The Clubessential Location-Based Marketing Suite

Through the use of Clubessential’s geofencing, beacons, mobile app, and CRM, clubs can execute proximity marketing. With mobile solutions as the foundation, Clubessential’s Location-Based Marketing Suite gives clubs the following:

Deliver exceptional member experiences

Strengthen connections with data-driven decisions

Scale and segment marketing programs

Use mobile messaging to increase attention

Enhance member engagement insights

Ready to Serve Your Members Anywhere: Geofencing and Beacons

When a member is in a specific location and has enabled their mobile app and Bluetooth reception to receive notifications, targeted and personalized communications are triggered and delivered to that member. Complete coverage eliminates gaps in your data and communications.

– Geofencing leverages GPS, and is great for large areas, outdoor areas, and in case members do not have bluetooth turned on on their devices.

– Beacons are utilized in indoor locations where devices cannot receive a GPS signal, and for pinpoint accuracy, like knowing a member is in a specific room at the club.

By utilizing both solutions, coupled with the Clubessential mobile app and CRM, clubs can deliver exceptional member experiences while deriving valuable engagement insights.

Dive Deeper into Location-Based Capabilities

MOBILE APP – Send relevant push notifications to members based on their location on the property. LEARN MORE >

CRM – Efficiently manage your pipeline, and close more membership sales in less time.  LEARN MORE >