The Essential Suite

Interactions at the club have always centered around personal attention. That’s not changing. But now as we add extra space to minimize contact, technology can streamline those operations AND make up that distance, while simultaneously feeding information back into all of your systems.

“This suite provides the tools our team needs to enhance the member experience, and our members are responding.”

Greg Gilg, General Manager, Field Club of Omaha

Engaging the Next Generation

Technology can enable clubs to create familiar and exceptional experiences while addressing new safety measures:

Create Safe Spacing
Adjust the spacing of groups on the golf course
Restrict the hours available, tee time intervals, cart availability, and other elements to allow for safe play. LEARN MORE

Control the courts
Restrict the number of members allowed on the courts and hours available to minimize bottlenecks and contact. LEARN MORE

Schedule access to the pool or fitness center
Ensure safe use of facilities by scheduling access times and controlling the number of members present. LEARN MORE

Open dining at the club with new guidelines
Adjust the capacity, spacing of tables, the proximity of members and staff, and hours available for a safe experience. LEARN MORE

Provide more outdoor dining options
Make use of the available outdoor space to increase capacity while following distancing mandates. LEARN MORE

Allow time to sanitize in between use
Build in time to the schedules to ensure a safe environment for everyone. LEARN MORE

Enable self-check-in on the course, court, fitness center and pool
Allow members to check-in at a kiosk without assistance wherever possible to minimize contact. LEARN MORE

Create a digital hostess
Streamline dining check-in to prevent groups from gathering and minimize crowds. LEARN MORE

Build Member Engagement
Provide access to must-haves
Enable members to pick up items they need for the day such as bottled water, snacks or a new sleeves of golf balls. LEARN MORE

Incorporate the new normal
Build reservation settings that enable family groups to safely gather to enjoy things like golf, tennis, bocce ball, or croquet together at the club. LEARN MORE

Bring the club to the member
Compensate for lost event revenue at the club and keep staff connected and engaged with virtual events, from golf tournaments to Memorial Day BBQ or a Mother’s Day Brunch. LEARN MORE

Supplement for a lack of staff
Use digital interactions where possible – and in places you never thought of – to increase the engagement of both members and staff. LEARN MORE

Increase efficiencies and payments
Streamline processes and minimize physical contact with electronic and touchless payments. LEARN MORE

The Essential Suite Solution Details

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