In the unfortunate case your club is impacted by a natural disaster like a hurricane, fire, earthquake, or flood, please utilize the following resources and best practices.

Utilize Your Club’s Website
Your website will remain protected in our state-of-the-art data center and your site also has several tools to help you communicate with your members and employees during a time of emergency.

      • First Impression – Your website comes equipped with a tool that allows you to display important messages to members upon logging in, but before they get to your private website’s home page.
        • Click here for an overview of the First Impressions tool
      • Blast Email Engine – Your website’s email engine allows you to churn out high volumes of emails that can be easily targeted to all members, or targeted subsets of the membership.
      • Text Messaging (SMS) – The Text Messaging tool allows you to send text messages to all members who have opted-in to receive text messages.
      • Push Notifications – If your Club has the Clubessential Mobile App, you can send push notifications to members who’ve downloaded the app.
        • Click here for an overview of push notifications

Use Your Reservations Systems
If your Club uses any of the Clubessential time-slot reservations products (e.g., Tee Times, A la Carte Dining, etc.), block off the days your Club is closed, and use the custom notifications built into the system to send cancellation notifications to any member who might have a standing reservation scheduled.

Prepare Your Local Office System

      • Have a physical backup, and also a cloud backup of your database and Clubessential/Clubsoft application folder for disaster recovery.
      • If your server is in a location that could flood, consider temporarily moving it to higher ground.
      • Don’t forget outlying locations, like turn-houses and snack bars. You should move the equipment in these locations to a safe place as well.
      • Have a back up for processing payroll.
      • Consider getting the Office software installed on personal machines. Click here to learn how.
      • Consider, finally, the cost of rebuilding your Office system should your Club not be prepared with a backup.

Prepare Your Hosted Office System
If you are a hosted Office client, make sure your networking equipment is in a safe location in the event of heavy flooding. Your Clubessential Office software solution is already backed up and will be available when you are ready to use it. Clubessential has your data backed up locally and in the Amazon cloud should the Cheyenne, WY data center experience any problems. This facility has backup internet, power, and HVAC systems, and will remain fully staffed throughout this event.

Our emergency support line is available 24/7 at 1-800-448-1475. You can also contact Clubessential support at the channels found here.