Introducing the Clubessential CRM & Data Warehouse

Welcome to a revolutionary new level of power in your hands. The Clubessential CRM & Data Warehouse is built specifically for you to make you more effective and efficient at managing and nurturing relationships, keeping track of important club assets, and streamlining high priority projects.

100% customized for each and every user

The Clubessential CRM & Data Warehouse is fully customizable to fit your unique set of wants and needs. During installation we will customize the system for you, ensuring we deliver a custom-built solution that helps you get exactly what you need out of the product.  You no longer need to conform to a stock piece of software; with the Clubessential CRM & Data Warehouse, you can finally experience the power of a customized CRM and data warehouse tool.

Organizes data from across the entire Clubessential Unified Suite

The Clubessential CRM & Data Warehouse delivers real-time access to club data, giving you unbridled power in both recruitment and retention efforts. The Data Warehouse organizes data from across the entire Unified Suite, capturing items such as form-based prospect information, member spend, golf rounds and guest activity in real time — all of which can be leveraged to create highly-targeted email campaigns.

Built with the flexibility to be used by multiple organizational roles

The Clubessential CRM & Data Warehouse has the flexibility to be used across multiple departments at your club. The product can manage member recruiting, on-boarding and retention, as well as a wide variety of other tasks such as banquet sales, vendor tracking, project management, wine locker inventory management, tournament volunteers — anything that today is tracked with disorganized paper lists or spreadsheets.

Finally, a CRM and Data Warehouse
built specifically for you.

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