Clubessential Tools – Maintaining Member Connections Through COVID-19

In light of the ever-changing climate regarding COVID-19, we know that clubs need to communicate with members more than ever. We have outlined tools that may assist with this communication. As always, Clubessential is here for you providing both online learning resources and top-notch customer service.

What’s New and Trending

    • The Essential Suite was developed in response to COVID-19. This touchless suite uses software and mobile-first technology to enable clubs to deliver exceptional experiences for members everywhere. Learn more about the Essential Suite

Maximizing Your Member Communications

Managing Tee Times, Reservations and Events

If your Club uses any of the Clubessential time-slot reservations products (e.g., Tee Times, A la Carte Dining, etc.), be sure to block off the days your Club is closed, and use the custom notifications built into the system to send cancellation notifications to any member who might have a standing reservation scheduled.

We also have the ability to modify tee times and dining schedules to accommodate new times and spacing. Please reach out to Support for assistance making those changes.

Clubessential Office Customers

      • Working Remote – If you manage your server on site, consider installing the CMA Application on personal machines for those employees working remote. This link will assist with completing this task.
      • Monthly Minimums – Some clubs may need to make changes to their monthly minimums. For help with this task, please review the following information.

We are here. And we are here to help. 

As always, Clubessential is here to support you. Our normal business hours are not changing, so we will be available from 8:30 AM EDT until 8:00 PM EDT Monday through Friday and 8:30 AM EDT until 5:00 PM EDT on Saturday. We will also continue to have emergency coverage after hours. If needed, please contact 1-800-448-1475, option 2 to leave a message for a prompt return call.