COVID-19 Webinar Series

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Office Reporting
Do you plan to make changes to your current fiscal year budget? This 60-minute webinar highlights how to revise your budget and incorporate multiple budgets into your income statement. With the change of revenue and income, now might be a good time to also learn how to create a cash flow report and maximize financial data for your board.

How to Make your Marketing Work For You 
Email is the most cost-effective and efficient method for communicating with your membership. Our integrated, and recently updated, Email System complements and supports CE’s powerful suite of website tools, including our Dynamic and Static Groups systems. Watch and learn how to quickly and effectively engage your membership through mass and targeted emails.

Modernize Your Payments Platform
Learn how modern times with all its modern challenges, call for the need to absolutely have online payments for your Members. Learn how Covid-19 has recently pushed more payments than ever online, causing a need for ease, speed, and reliability when it comes to taking Member payments. Additionally, uncover how other clubs are simplifying and streamlining their cash flow, as well as the associated accounting entries, and flexible fee arrangements with a one-stop shop approach to all of their payment needs.

Reopening your Club in a Contactless or Less Contact Environment
Depending on the state, many private clubs have been able to keep their golf courses open for member play by making modifications to support physical distancing and a contactless environment. For those that have been required to close, golf courses will most likely be some of the first parts of the clubs allowed to re-open. Understand some of the modifications clubs are making to their courses and club operations to remain open while following guidelines or state mandates and help prepare for your Club’s grand re-opening by taking advantage of your club’s technology solutions to adapt to the new normal.

Keeping the Pulse on Member Engagement and Creating Your Proactive Touchpoint Plan
In this unprecedented time, it will be more important than ever to keep a pulse on your Membership, and have a proactive plan for engaging with the various segments of your membership base. During this session, hear directly from Greg Gilg, General Manager of Field Club of Omaha as he shares how his club quickly adapted and innovated new ways to add value to their membership experience. Also, explore how to review key factors impacting engagement levels for your overall membership base, specific membership types, and that of your individual members utilizing the Membership Analytics Predictor (MAP). Then, discover how to turn the results of your review into a proactive strategy for recruitment, increased engagement, and retention.