Better Data, Better Insights – AI-fueled Club Intelligence


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Club Intelligence, our newest addition to Clubessential’s industry-leading line of analytics and reporting technology, can help you skip the strategic shots-in-the-dark.

Learn  how to: 

  • Identify and track critical business KPIs 
  • View reports unique to your operation and role in just 30-45 seconds
  • Predict future values based on historical data with flexible AI forecasting 
  • Define thresholds and get alerts when anomalies are detected  
  • Consolidate data from throughout the club into one centralized reporting tool and MUCH MORE!  

In this recording, you’ll hear from real clubs about how Club Intelligence has accelerated their member experiences from essential to extraordinary, equipping their teams with powerful operational efficiencies. 

About Your Presenters

Susie Johnson | Member Relations Director | Greenville Country Club

Susie Johnson has over 20 years of experience in hospitality. Since moving to the private club industry from her restaurant background, she now serves at Greenville Country Club as Member Relations Director. In this role, Susie coordinates member events at the club and serves as the Communications, IT and Marketing Representative.

Shawn Rowley | Director of Communications and Marketing | The Apawamis Club

Shawn has over 15 years of experience in the private club industry. She has an extensive background in event management, membership sales, and communications.