Tapping Into Trends of 2019, Before It's 2020

At the end of 2018, we made some predictions about the coming trends of 2019.  During this webinar, our Clubessential Product team will be revisiting the hottest trends of 2019, and will be sharing first hand how leaders in the club industry have successfully prepared themselves to embrace those trends of personalization, speed in banking, predictive tech, and enhancing the front of house and back of house operations with a mobile first focus.  Don't miss out on this special in-depth look at latest Mobile solutions, Payments solutions, Membership Analytics Predictor, and the all-new email editor ready to make its initial debut.

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Hosted by: Emily/Danielle -Presenters: Stacy/Stephanie/RJ

August 21st; 2pm ET

Tapping into the Trends of 2019, before it’s 2020