Club Intelligence

Fueled by AI, Powered by Your Data

Club Intelligence is data reporting made accessible – curated for your business, your role, and your members, all in a centralized location and without any third-party requirements.

No Data Experience Needed

Access real-time reporting that pulls from your club’s operations and highlights the data most relevant to you, from food and beverage to spa to courts and beyond. Harness the benefits of Club Intelligence to increase your data literacy without anadditional requirements or stress. Using AI technology, Club Intelligence generates visualizations and insights to create your personalized dashboards, making advanced reporting easy. 

Departmental dashboards make it easy to give your members the best experience every time. High-level overviews of stats including month-to-date financial health, resource utilization, member demographics and tenure, and more can all be filtered and viewed on a deeper level according to your needs.

Put Your Data to Work

Having real-time data in one location allows department heads to manage their teams and operations more efficiently. The dashboards can also quickly identify areas needed for improvement. From an accounting perspective, it’s a time saver to be able to set specific parameters and share those results with the board and committee members in an easy-to-read snapshot format and not cumbersome Excel spreadsheets.

SHAWN ROWLEY, The Apawamis Club

Club Intelligence Advantages

Resolve third-party privacy concerns with our in-house data literacy tool

Avoid special servers, software, or VPNs with cloud-based accessibility

Identify and track critical business KPIs

Predict future values based on real historical data with flexible AI forecasting

Generate personalized dashboards with AI-fueled visualizations and insights

Define thresholds and get alerts when anomalies are detected 

View reports unique to your role and operation in 30-45 seconds

Use adjustable filters to dial in on relevant, real-time results

Consolidate data from throughout the club into one centralized reporting tool 

Focus on the current state of your business as well as month-to-date info with breakdowns by meal period and day of the week, top grossing and selling items by quantity, specific budget filtering, dining reservations, and more – all benchmarked against historical performance.

Know what to expect for the day with weather, birthdays, anniversaries, upcoming events, reservations, and more – all conveniently gathered for the day alongside categorized revenue and expense tracking with detailed drill-down capabilities.

Access Your Analytics With Club Intelligence!