Club Executive Resource Guide

Recent Webinars

  • A Private Club President’s Perspective on Club Technology – Join our CFO, Brian Carley, to get an inside look at the role of the CFO in the club organization. Brian has a unique perspective and valuable insights given his additional role as a Private Club President and Treasurer. In this recorded webinar, he shares his expert knowledge to help you drive your club toward continued success.
  • Take the Pain out of Payments – Learn how to increase your club’s cash flow and make it easy for your members to view and pay their statements through a user friendly mobile responsive layout.

Additional Resources and Infographics

  • CE Payments Data Sheet: End the frustration of payment batches settling on multiple dates. With CE Payments your payment schedule is predictable, reliable, and consistent to help increase your operational cash flow and eliminate the guesswork associated with settled and in-transit funds.
  • How Do Funds Flow?: Discover how you can create a better member experience and streamline operations with one trusted partner.
  • How Do Funds Flow in CE Payments?: CE Payments is the club industry’s first single-source payment solution. Now you have one trusted partner to facilitate your payments quickly, reconcile
    payments simply, gain better reporting on payments, all while reducing the number of vendors you have to depend upon.