Your Mobile App, More Personal and User-Friendly Than Ever


September 2, 2022

Clubessential’s app is more personal and user-friendly than ever, offering an intuitive home screen and various powerful features to drive engagement at your club. The events section allows members to scroll through upcoming events and even register right from the calendar widget, with or without registration fees, all of which is entirely at your command.

The modern Tee Sheets mobile experience automatically opens to the current time and date, without forcing users to scroll through expired tee times. Users can quickly navigate to the next few days or use the calendar icon to select a specific date. Our new filtering option allows members to search for specific windows of time, a specific course, or an available group to join.

The experience-defining Buddy List feature allows members to create and manage their own Buddy Lists as well as Guest Lists. Pre-setting someone as either a Buddy or Guest allows members to seamlessly add their Guests or Buddies to their reservations, eliminating the need to constantly re-enter the personal information of their favorite golf companions.

With an events section that allows members to register right within the calendar, a seamless Tee Sheets experience, streamlined menu navigation and more, our mobile app has never been this intuitive.

Our newest, most powerful mobile feature is two-way, in-app messaging – designed to improve member and staff experiences alike. Message members when their golf or tennis shop orders arrive, or give inquisitive members direct access to your events coordinator. Members will be able to message staff such as the front desk or valet and vice versa, eliminating needless barriers between you and your members.

Which staff can be messaged by members is entirely up to you, allowing you to funnel the most important questions directly to their desired audience.

If you have questions about accelerating your member experience from Essential to Extraordinary or are considering a switch to the Clubessential all-in-one Essential Suite, contact us below!