What to Look For in Club Management Software

Kelsie Stone

December 16, 2022

An Overview of Changing Needs and How to Address Them.

Countless factors can contribute to the need for new club management software. When your club’s needs change, or the landscape shifts, you have to be adaptable enough to overcome and exceed the new expectations your members may develop.

It may be tempting to ignore or overlook changing needs in favor of what is familiar – it’s human nature to prefer the comfortable, even if it’s not fulfilling our needs – but it can be damaging to the integrity of your club’s reputation and its member experience.

It might be time to re-evaluate your club management software, and Clubessential has gathered the critical criteria a worthy replacement must possess to support you and your club.

The right software is:

– Technologically advanced – accelerating the member experience through modern means
– Operationally minded – allowing club staff to work smarter, not harder, with optimized efficiency
– Automated and strategic – automating monotonous tasks so you can focus on a premier member experience
– Straightforward and intuitive – helping new staff & members alike learn and master quickly

Other features beyond these main requirements also come into play. Integration across your office suite is not just an available feature of many solutions, it’s a necessary one. There’s no excuse for a modern system being poorly integrated or not communicating across your office suite.

Your Point-of-Sale solution should be fast and simple to use, have device flexibility across different potential hardware, and must be cloud-based. Anything less will affect your member experience negatively and may impinge your operational success as well.

Cybersecurity and PCI compliance are further requirements that are dangerous to overlook in the quest for new club software – the threat of cybercrime is constant, and outdated or insecure software is a wide-open gate for potential attacks that could ravage your club’s financials or your members’ personal information.

Don’t settle for less when it comes to club management software. If your operations are built on a shaky foundation, your members will notice, your staff will have to work harder and waste time on tasks that could be streamlined and automated, and you’ll lose out on optimized revenue.

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