The Changing Landscape of Spa Reservations


August 2, 2022

A spa is, by its very nature, intended to be an oasis of relaxation and luxury. But does this atmosphere of calm and ease at your club’s spa begin and end with your services alone? If your answer is ‘yes’, you’re missing out on a seamless process that is necessary to attract, retain, and satisfy your members.

Members rightfully expect their relaxing experience to extend to the systems that handle your appointments and booking – and the successful delivery of this expectation can make or break the perception of your club’s spa. Research indicates that 67% of guests prefer online booking, and 40% of appointments are booked after-hours.

The tolerance for discordant, outdated booking tools is rapidly declining in the modern club, among staff as well as members. The ability for a member to edit, cancel, or reschedule an appointment online eliminates phone hold times, avoids bottlenecks caused by staffing shortages, and allows more efficient allocation of staff time.

A jarring, disjointed reservation process can sour what would have otherwise been a perfectly rejuvenating visit for your club member. Poor or non-existent booking solutions also frustrate staff members and increase rates of no-shows and last-minute cancellations.

What would improve this experience?

By working directly with clubs like yours and gathering feedback over the years to understand the changing landscape of spa reservations, Clubessential has cultivated a strong grasp on common spa experience detractors – and created a brand new Spa Management and Reservations platform for private clubs designed to upgrade and improve your member’s experience.


– Simple online booking with filtering to find exactly the right specialist or service

– Easy appointment editing for members, restricted by your club’s criteria

– Sync appointments to phone calendar – decreases no-shows

– Automatic appointment confirmation and reminder notifications

– Seamless billing through Clubessential’s Mobile Point of Sale

Time-saving solutions to equip your staff for long-term success

– Member photos and preferences populate directly in the appointment schedule

– Easy management of specialists, rooms, service menu, pricing, and more

– Integrations with data tracking tools like Clubessential’s CRM and MAP

– Dynamic reporting that’s always available to view and record

Your club can no longer survive on outdated practices like pen-and-paper scheduling. Clubessential’s newest solution, Spa Management and Reservations, equips your spa or salon to thrive on software that was built with its specific needs and challenges in mind.

Creating great experiences and impressions for your members doesn’t stop when they leave the property of your club — with powerful, mobile-first technology like Spa Management and Reservations, members can enjoy positive interactions with your facility long after they leave for the day.

Are you ready for your club’s spa to exceed the expectations of your members and guests in every way? Join the world of seamless, modern booking today with Spa Management and Reservations.