City clubs have always been a reprieve from the hustle and bustle of streets that surround them. But because things aren’t as chaotic, and because there are fewer distractions, every action is amplified and noticed. That makes creating an exceptional experience an exercise in detail.

It’s akin to a musical solo - it has to be right because it will be noticed. 

For decades now, the Summit Club, Tulsa, OK has been renowned for the service they deliver. When they were looking for a new system to help them perpetuate their success, they selected Clubessential. Following is a recent Q&A with the General Manager, Jared Jordan. 

Q. How did you decide to go with Clubessential?

A. We looked at several different systems when we switched from our previous software. Clubessential seemed to be the best suited for a city club as opposed to a country club.


Q. How would you describe Clubessential's knowledge and fit with your club?

A. Their implementation was great. The POS is very user-friendly, and easy for bartenders and servers to learn that have not previously worked in a club.


Q. How does Clubessential help you enhance the member experience?

A. Being able to track preferences and look up historical ordering helps to greatly enhance service to our members.


Q. What's been the biggest benefit you've seen from Clubessential for your club?

A. We enjoy the ease of being able to control several different dining areas/restaurants within the club from the back of office software.


Q. How does Clubessential impact how you're able to manage and lead your club today?

A. Its user-friendliness cuts down on time spent dealing with the software.


Q. What do you like most about working with Clubessential?

Their ability to help troubleshoot the unique problems that city clubs have.


Ready for the Moment

With any hospitality industry or business, preparation is key. But it has to be mixed with the flexibility to meet ever-changing member demands, and with a roadmap that evolves with learnings from the past and predictions of the future. Clubessential is committed to helping elevate all types of member experiences wherever they occur. See Who We Work With in the main navigation of this page to see all of the types of professionals and industries we help deliver exceptional member experiences.