Peer-Reviewed Club Management: The Essential Suite

Kelsie Stone

March 1, 2023


Clubessential software was built specifically for private clubs. As we continue innovating technology to accelerate member experiences beyond essential to extraordinary, we’re intentional about checking in and ensuring we’re still on track.

We treat our position as industry leaders with the gravity it deserves. It’s our mission to empower our clients to create highly connected, data-informed relationships with their current and potential membership – to better attract, retain and serve their members for life.

With a mission statement that serious, we have to be intentional about listening to what our customers have to say. We consider it a peer review of sorts – and we’d like to share what other clubs are saying about us in those reviews.

Accelerating the member experience

Switching club management systems can be daunting, but this club wanted to provide the most extraordinary member experience possible.

“The implementation of Clubessential from Jonas more than two and a half years ago was much easier than I had expected. The easy-to-use, modern, and intuitive interface makes it easy to teach Clubessential to new team members. The SQL Server database architecture is robust and performs extremely well, particularly relative to the competition. Frequent updates and new functionality enhance the user, and member experience, on a regular basis.

Clubessential offers a full suite of value-added features and provides the functionality necessary to deliver a rich club experience for our members and their guests. Clubessential offers seamless integration between back office, Point of Sale, website, and electronic marketing to eliminate duplication of data entry and provide the most efficient integrated suite for club management.”

Supporting you – so you can serve them

All software requires support, but not all support is made equal. These clubs had comments for our support team – and the difference Clubessential made for their members.

“The staff have been exceptional and timely when there have been questions or issues.

It’s intuitive, so if you have worked with other products it is easy to pick up and manage.”

“Our implementation was interrupted but still completed easier than I expected. Our functionality is greatly improved and I can access data so much faster. We looked at all major choices and are very happy with our decision. A night and day difference from what we had before. Very flexible, much better reporting, excellent support.”

“We had a great sales and implementation process and have been using the software for three years and still love it. Customer Service has been really good as has been the development team. I would certainly suggest Clubessential to anybody in the market for club software.

Clubessential has been a lifesaver! We were using another software before that was extremely cumbersome and all setup/changes were routed through one person who knew the software well. With Clubessential, its easy and intuitive interface makes setup and changes easy for end users. It’s also fast and visually appealing. Also, the SQL backend is nice to have for querying data whereas our other software has a proprietary database.”

“We recently implemented Clubessential Payments and are slowly converting our Members over to this AutoPay system and it’s wonderful!! This product is very user friendly. Clubessential Support is also very helpful when I have run into problems in the past.

Honestly, I wasn’t a fan of this software when I first began using it but once I learned the ins and outs of the product I am incredibly satisfied with using this all day, every day.”

Streamlining operational efficiencies

If you’re wondering about the day-to-day difference that Clubessential brings, these next reviewers speak to the way our software impacts their club’s operational efficiency.

What do you like best?

“It is very easy to use for memberships. We use this program to send out weekly email blasts to the members and it allows you to edit and create the email template with different features including photos, video and text.”

What problems is the product solving and how is that benefiting you?

“It solves the issue of sending an email to a mass group in a click of a button. This allows us to send messages to over 1,000 members in a moment of time. It allows a free flow of communication between the organization and the members.”

“We have a lovely website and the members can use the app easily as well. I like the ease of sending out monthly statements via email. This software integrates everything in one package. Point of sale, accounting, inventory, tee sheets, website, food and beverage, plus the phone app and more! I don’t really have any cons about the product.”

“It’s been wonderful – great support!!!!

Clubessential provides a fully integrated club management and POS software all the way to back office accounting – it’s great!”

We consider it an honor to hear from our clubs about the ways Clubessential is helping them attract, retain and serve their members for life. If you’re curious about how Clubessential’s suite of connected and data-driven tools can help you plan the best path forward for your club, reach out to us today.

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